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Veritech or Robotech, what's your pleasure?
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Technical Robots and 40ft. badguys
By Mario Johnson

This month I got 2, yes 2 stories for the newsline.  The second was on Resident Evil 4 (details on bottom), and the first, I wrote about Robotech: Battlecry.  Being a major fan of giant robots and dogfighting games, I just HAD to check out a game that combines 'em both.  The cell-shaded look to this game is appropriate for a game based on a classic anime, and Tips 'n Tricks magazine seems to agree with me.  The game is based on an anime from the 80's which I glimpsed during Toonami's "Giant Robot Week" last year.  But enough histor lessons, while this game is designed for hardcore fans of the series, the fast paced action will appeal to anyone.  I personally cant get past the last level in Chapter 2, but will clear it soon.  This game is an awesome choice for any Gamecube collection, I will definetely see to it that I get a walkthrough written for it once I clear this game.

Regenerate, Biohazard, and Resident Evil 4

Hmm, I wonder, what happens to the cockpit when the Veritechs change from Fighter to Battleoid or to Guardian modes?