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Regenerate, Biohazard, and Resident Evil 4
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Not zombies, but not quite human...
By Mario Johnson

May 13th

Well, ive just been privleged to have seen new sreenshots and video of the upcoming Resident Evil 4 for Gamecube.  I dont think any stores are letting customers reserve copies yet, BUT I ALREADY HAVE!  To summarize the game in one word: AWESOME!!!!!!


First, let me speak a little of the story.  Our favorite rookie cop from Resident Evil 2, the great Leon Kennedy, has done away with his R.C.P.D. (Racoon City Police Department) uniform and has become an agent of the U.S. government.  Out in search of the president's daughter, he finds himself in an eastern european village where things arent too normal.  Upon his arrival, he is instantly attacked by villagers who have gone mad.  If this was any other Resident Evil game, they would all be our favorite bunch of T-Virus infected zombies, but they're not. They're not zombies, but they're not quite human.  Intelligent, tactical, and blood thirsty, these guys are after Leon, and the same old Shotgunning isn't gonna cut it this time.



Second, the graphics are beautiful, perfect, and (insert synonym for perfect here).  This game is a perfect example of how powerful the Gamecube is when game makers do their jobs.  There is simply nothing to compare the graphics to because they're so perfect. 



Third, gameplay, innovative and fun.  The director and producer from the first Resident Evil are no longer just supervising a Resident Evil game, now they're hands on again.  Thus, some of the more annoying and aggravating aspects of other Resident Evil games have been done away with.  Such as the puzzle element where you couldnt advance to a new area without the key to unlock it.  If a door is locked, shoot it open!  The game also utilizes the whole action button from Zelda where the A button performs different actions, like hand-to-hand, or should I say; foot-to-face combat.  Jumping through glass, and knocking down or climbing up ladders.  The game is also more oriented to be outside and takes place during the day, but Capcom has found new ways to scare the hell out of you.



Fourth, the enemies.  The tired old zombies who limp around moaning and groaning and do nothing but try to bite you are gone.  Now, the zombies are replaced by the villagers gone mad.  These guys don't just limp around trying to grab you.  These guys will communicate to each other to try and outsmart you by surrounding you, chasing, and ambushing you.  They will also use whatever weapons they can find to try and kill you.  From pitchforks to chainsaws.  They also use tactics to get to you.  If you lock the door, they'll break through the window.  If the entire first floor is secure, they'll find a ladder and come in through the second floor!  The bosses are also amazing.  The bosses in this game make Tyrant and Nemesis look like child's play. They rival bosses from a Zelda game in size and strength.



Overall, I think i've hit all the major points.  The scheduled release date for this game will be this december.  Your Gamecube will be a gateway into evil come december.  So lock the door, stock up on ammo, and don't turn off the lights.

"Regenerate is a registered trademark of the Umbrella Corporation"
"Our business, is life itself"
- Resident Evil: Apocalypse Trailer