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Game Town International

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Welcome to Game Town International

days till Game Town is updated.

Hey, welcome to Game Town Int., i'm the mayor so I run this city.  Well, If ya need sumthin you can't find in the system pages or tourist center, see me in my office.  Well i'm off, this city don't run itself now does it?

Fill out my guest book!

Twilight Princess screenshots uploaded (7/24/05)
On display at the Game Town Art Musem

Battle Assault 2 page uploaded 8/29/02
Located at 742 PSX street

Armored Core 2 Page Completed 5/23/02
Located at 124 PS2 St.

Melee Page Uploaded 4/6/02
Located at 648 Gamcube Garden dr.

Final Fantasy Page Completed for PS1 3/5/02
Located at 456 PSX Street

Eskimos are looking for a way to sneek into the country.