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Game Town International

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Sega City
Tourist Center
Game Town Art Museum
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For tourists and those who need information alike.

For those of you who dont understand what the page titles are, heres the page key.
64thStreet: N64
PSX Street: Playstation
PS2 Street: Playstation 2
Dreamcast City Museum: Sega Dreamcast
Game Boyz Arcade: Game Boy
Game Boyz Advanced Arcade: Game Boy Advance
Game Town PC shop: PC Games
Game Town Public Library: Walkthroughs
Reviewers Club: Game Reviews
Little Fighter 2: The Mayor Has Placed His Challenge
Nintendo Town: Links to all Nintendo System Pages
Sega City: Links to all Sega System Pages
Playstation Square: Links to all Playstation System Pages
Legal Stuff: Legal Stuff
Super Nintendo shop: Super Nintendo
Sega's Genesis Center: Sega Genesis
Game Town Retirement Complex: Nintendo Entertainment System
Tourist Center: Help Page
Game Town Art Museum: Picture Gallery
Game Town Newsline: News Page
Game Town Newsline Archives: Back Articles from the News Page
Game Town Int. Airport: Links Page
Game Town City Zoo: Danger Area
Mayor's office: Mayor's Office

In the unlikely event that any of you dont know what a cheat or walkthrough is, here is a definition of them both.
Code:a cheat or password that can: help you unlock characters, levels, or whatever,it can even help you bypass(skip)a level or boss.Or is the key to unlocking a level.
Walkthrough:a step-by-step guide that can guide you through a level(or dungeon),unlock weapons characters or whatever, or just help you find a certain item or beat a tough boss or enemy.

When sending a request form, keep these rules in mind, and remember that because im a busy man, it may take me a while to get back to you.
Here are the request form rules:
1.Only 2 games per email.
2.Only 2 emails a week.
3.Should rules 1 or 2 be broken, only the first 2 games, and only the first 2 emails will be answered, c'mon, im a busy person so try to follow these rules, think im bluffing? Try me.

Need something that is yet to be posted on this site? Send me a request form (an email) and ill get to work on your request! Make sure you know the request form procedure and rules first, they're on this page.

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