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Nintendo News

The Legend continues
By Mario Johnson
July 24, 2005

"You've been very patient, and it's almost time."
-Toonami promo announcer
That pretty much sums it up in one sentence.  The newest installment of the Legend of Zelda series debuts this November.  It's easy to see that Zelda fans have been waiting for this baby since the Wind Waker came out.  Link makes a grand return to the Gamecube in his classic N64 "adult Link will own you all" style but with much better graphics.  Talk on internet forums shows some fans are worried the game may actually merit an M rating.  While the likelyhood of that happening is slim, it would make news all over if a NINTENDO game, more than that a ZELDA game, got more than an E rating.  Well, miracles can happen, case in point; Soul Calibur II.  If you havent been following up on the news of the new Zelda game, i'll sum it up for you reel quick like.

The Legend Continues (Extended article)

Center Column

Construction scheduled, for an unexpected area
By Maron Strise
July 17, 2005
After the success the Newsline had at E3, the mayor gave the summer off, and now its back to work for the Newsline.  His meeting with the Town Council lately has given rise to his new plan to commence construction on areas of the city dedicated to classic gaming consoles, systems that no longer have new games published for them.  The Council appears to have been planning this for a while as well, and construction has already begun, but the Mayor asked that resources be used to continue development of areas dedicated to systems still being published, and to prepare for the new consoles that will all be out by the end of next year.  For now that is all, until next time.

Playstation News

New staff member
By Jon Ronski
July 18, 2005
Ok dudes, I haven't done much work-wise this summer cause of our vacation time.   And since getting back to work, i've spent most of my time lookin for someone to help me review games and such for PS2 and PSP.  Yeah, I know I didn't get anything news-wise for you guys, but hey, this is just my day job.  If I ever find a dude to fill the job, it'd make my job easier and mean more goods for you guys, so i'm gonna go and get back to the search.  Later.

Fantastic 4 Review (5 out of 5)(July 24th, 2005)

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