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Fanastic 4 Review (5 out of 5)
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By Proffesor Joe Chaos
July 24th, 2005

If you havent seen it yet, then go right now, well, right after reading this review. 
Fantastic Four is well known to the comic book industry as one of Marvel Comic's leading franchises.  Nearly ten years ago a Fantastic Four movie was put into production, but it was so un-fantastic it was never finished.  Now the superhero quartet get justice in their own real life action movie.
The special effects, the story, the fights, the ending, it's all four stars.  Or is it five.....either way, they're perfect.
I'd give each of the stars in this movie an oscar for performance, they really live up to their roles.  Then again, this is coming from a guy who hasnt read a single Fantastic Four comic, but I know the Human Torch was hot-headed even in the comics, so i'd give him an award for good acting at least. 
Dramatic, funny, loaded with action, this is probably THE movie of summer 2005.  Go see it now that you've read this review.  I mean NOW!

"Don't even think about it!"
-The Invisible Woman
"Never do."
-The Human Torch