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The Legend Continues (Extended article)
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By Mario Johnson
July 24th, 2005

Ok, news on the new Zelda has until recently been limited to an eye dropping trailer that was on with the only information being that the game would come out in 2005.
Well thats in the past, this is the present.  The game's full title is
"The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess"
More news has been released that gives more details about the game, one bit of info is Link's new ability of mounted combat.  It's also mentioned that he now can transform into a wolf for some reason (we'll all find out in-game).  The game has some of the best effects ive ever seen, even better than Halo 2 and Resident Evil 4 (my heart goes out to Leon and Master Chief).  The game is slated for a november release, thats THIS november, as in November 2005.  Hope I can get lucky like I did for Resident Evil 4 and manage to nap this the day it comes out. 
Well, thats all I got for now, i'll be back later with more news, catch all you guys later!

"Hello everyone, I am Link, yes Link, the Hero of Time, the wielder of the Master Sword, the keeper of the Triforce of Courage."
-Link (The Return of Ganondorf)