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See the complete code list for Star Wars: Rouge Leader Rouge Squadron 2.

Star Wars: Rouge Leader Rouge Squadron 2

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Star Wars: Rouge Leader Rouge Squadron 2
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This is the walkthrough for Star Wars: Rouge Leader Rouge Squadron 2 for Gamecube. The walkthrough for Secret Levels 2 through 5 will be added next month.

This guide will help you get though the intense dogfighting and mission objective rebel fighter world that is Star Wars:Rouge Leader Rouge Squadron II (Note:for help locating ship upgrades, refer to the guide at the end of this walkthrough. Walkthroughs for the Secret levels are at the end of the walkthrough.)


Mission 1:Death Star Attack

Part 1: Deflection tower demolition

After the begining movies play, you'll be in control of an X-Wing. Ahead of your starting position are the deflection towers. You must destroy all of them to continue. If you lose track of one, use your radar to locate it. It may be beneficial if you keep your wingmen in formation as they will help destroy the deflection tower you're firing at. Once all the towers are down, a cutscene will introduce the TIE fighters.

Part 2: TIE roundup

In this part you will have to deal with a couple of TIE fighter squadrons composed of 5 or 6 TIEs each. Here it would be a good idea to break formation and send your wingmen after the TIEs using the command cross (the d-pad right). Proceed at the beginning of this part of the level to destroy the closest TIE squadron. If you cant locate any fighters, use your radar and if necessary, the targeting computer (the Y button). Once all the TIEs are down, prepare for your attack run through the trench.

Part 3: Attack the exaust port

You will start this part of the mission after the cutscene which is recognizable from Episode IV. When in the trench, it is important not to fly too high or the turbolasers will gun you down. Stay low and go as fast as you can but be sure you have good control of your craft or you will crash into the various obstacles in the trench. When you reach an opening with one hill with one gun behind it, Wedge will leave if he hasn't already. When the rebel command guy says "Hurry up Luke", Biggs will be shot down if he hasn't already by the 3 TIEs who followed you down the trench. When the TIEs get right behind you, brake hard and lower altitude and let them pass, once they do, blast the heck out of them. If you go at top speed with the S-foils open, you'll run into 1 more TIE squad before Darth Vader makes his appearance. When he does, he'll be able to resist passing you better than the other TIEs. He is invincible so dont waste too much time on him (or proton torpedoes). After Vader leaves the first time, Obi-wan will give you some advice. If you saw the movie you know what happens. But after Obi-wan leaves, the rebel command guy says you turned off your targeting computer and asks whats wrong, Luke responds with "Nothing i'm all right", keep heading down the trench avoiding Vader and the turrets. When you get close enough to the trench, Vader comes back with his 2 TIE wingmen, at this point the Falcon comes and blasts them, then it passes you and leaves. Soon you'll see the wall at the end of the trench, aim low and fire your proton torpedoes, if you aimed right, the last cutscene kicks in with the Death Star blowing to smitherenes (Just like in the movie!), now you can relax, the mission is over. "Luke, the force will be with you, always......."



Mission 2: Ison Corridor Ambush

Part 1: Ambush in the corridor

At the start of this mission about 6 or 7 squadrons of TIE fighters will begin blasting your ships and the transports. It would be wise to break formation and send your wingmen after the TIEs. Destroy the TIEs as fast as possible or they will destroy your supply transports. If you cant spot the TIEs in all the debris, use your targeting computer. When the first line of TIEs are down, a cutscene comes in when Wedge changes his X-Wing for an A-Wing. It is better to do this as the A-Wing is much faster.To do this, locate the the frigate redemption and fly into the blue rebel symbol to change ships. Just like before, destroy the TIEs that appear until the cutscene kicks in.

Part 2: Nebula Interception

At the start of this mission, use your targeting computer to spot the interceptors and engage them. Send your wingmen after them as well. You'll have to keep your eyes open and stay alert as the TIE interceptors are faster and have better firepower than ordinary TIE fighters. Keep moving until all the TIEs are down. At this point, your convoy will leave the Nebula and the mission will be over.



Mission 3: Battle of Hoth

Part 1: Defend outpost beta

If you saw episode 5, this should be familiar to you. When you begin, you'll be in the Snowspeeder, what is unique about it besides the fact that it has a rear gunman, is that it can't fly too high, eventulaly the repulsors on the speeder will prevent you from going any further up. Now, after the mission starts, you'll be in a valley heading west from Echo base, at the end of the valley will be a group of probe droids, don't bother with them, accelerate and engae the AT-STs (the small imperial walkers), command your wingmen to do the same, it helps to get behind them and brake hard, giving you ample time to take them out. In a large area behind the last group of AT-STs will be an Imperial landing craft, used to land AT-STs. Blast the box its holding and the ship itself to prevent more AT-STs from appearing. After all the AT-STs are down, it will be time to engage the AT-ATs (the giant walkers).

Part 2: Engage the AT-ATs

Hope you enjoyed being Luke Skywalker, because after he is shot down on the cutscene after part one of this mission, you'll play as Wedge Antillies for the rest of the game(with exceptions).

When you begin, you may want to use the targeting computer to locate the 3 AT-ATs you need to destroy. The 3 walkers ahead of all the others are your target. You will need to use the tow cable(the speeders secondary weapon, push B), fly slow towards them and press and hold B to fire the tow cable. You'll need to fly around them 3 times before they will trip and fall. Don't fly too far away from them when using the tow cable or you'll fail and have to try to tie them up again. Do this with all 3 AT-ATs. When they are all down, a cutscene kicks in signaling the end of your use of the Snow Speeder for this mission.

Part 3: Defend the trasports

This part of the mission starts after the cutscene with the shield generator blowing up. Fly fast or slow, which ever you like throught the valley you start in. There are about 4 groups of probe droids in this valley. When you reach echo base, you'll see the blue rebel symbol near some X-wings. Fly into it to change to the X-Wing. When you are back in an X-wing, a group of TIE fighters and TIE bombers will come in from the sky. Send your wingmen to keep the fighters busy while you take out the bombers. You'll need to slow down to fire on the bombers as they go slow. When all the TIEs are down, the last cuscene kicks in with a transport taking off while you and one of your wingmen follow the transport out of Hoth.



Mission 4: Prisons of the maw

Part 1: Locate the shield generators

This mission is the debut of the Y-wing, completing this mission lets you use the Y-wing on missions where is it is displayed as an available craft. You start this mission in the asteroid field outside of the maw. Accelerate as fast as you can (which isnt very fast) and avoid the asteroids while you make your way to the shield generators. Along the way a couple squadrons of TIE fighters will appear and ambush you. Send your wingmen to deal with them. Ahead of the point where the TIEs appear you'll see what appear to be missles. They are like imperial equivalents of Rebel Blockade Runners. A couple laser blasts will destroy them. You are not requried to destroy them. Proceed forward until you see a large energy sheild.You'll need to disable 3 shield projectors. In this area you'll run into 2 Imperial Shuttles. They have massive firepower so take em out if you spot them. The shield projectors are impervious to blaster fire, so use your ion cannons(press and hold B to charge, when it's all charged up, release to fire an Ion blast). When 3 ion cannons are down, you'll have about 10 seconds before part 2 starts.

Part 2:Free the prisoners

Once you regain control of your ship, follow the radar towards the prison building. Throughout this level you will see Imperial walkers which seem different, those are AT-PTs. Anyone who played the first rouge squadron should recognize them. When you arrive at the prison building, you'll need your bombs (press B to activate bombing rediqule). When you pull them up, your crosshair will fade towards the ground, use it to aim your bombs. You will need to hit all the guns around the building quickly or the prisoners train will be destroyed and you'll fail the mission. Once all the guns are toast. Follow your radar to the Weapons Storage Building, once you get there, do the same with these guns as you did the others. Once you arrive at the Weapons storage building, you'll notice TIE interceptors about. Send your wingmen to keep em busy while you take out the guns. Once the guns are down, again follow your radar to the communication relays. Dont worry about the guns in this area, just concentrate on the relays. You will need to bomb each relay twice to take it out. At this point you may run out of bombs, dont worry the Y-wing has an unlimited supply, it just takes time to reload. When the relays are destroyed, form up your wingmen and proceed towards the Hangar (follow radar). Hit the throttle as fast it will go to get a head start of the prisoners. As soon as you arrive send your wingmen after the TIEs and deal with the guns (remember! 1 bomb each). Once all the guns are down, follow the ship that looks like an Imperial Shuttle BUT DONT SHOOT AT IT! The prisoners are inside and you must protect them. Shoot down any TIEs attacking the ship until the prisoners are clear and escape. Then the mission will be over and you can relax.



Mission 5: Razor Rendevous

Part 1:Star Destroyer Attack

At the start of this mission, you will need to destroy the 3 sheild generators on the Star Destroyer then destroy the bridge. So begin by commanding your wingmen to attack the TIEs and accelerating to position yourself behind the Star Destroyer (there are less guns there, and in the B-Wing, less guns is good as the ship lacks a Protocol Droid to repair the shields and its slow anyway). Attack the Sheild genererator closet to the Redemption up top. Pound it with laser fire then accerate back to the Redemtion, at this point it will report under attack. Use your targeting computer to locate the 3 or 4 TIE squads you need to destroy. Once theyre all down, go back attack the Star Destroyer. Take out both sheild generators up top from behind then go below and demolish the one below. If you are on your 1st or 2nd generator and the Redemption reports under attack, discontinue attack on the Star Destroyer and attack the TIEs. If you are on the 3rd generator and the Redemption reports under attack again, HIT THE THROTTLE AND DESTROY THE STAR DESTROYER FASTER, if you dont hurry it will go to light speed and escape. If at any point you notice it turning away from the redemption it will leave. If it does, attack the bridge or accelerate to top speed and crash into it after attacking it a few times. Once the bridge is destroyed, the Star Destroyer will crash into the planet and you'll win the mission.

Mission 6: Vengence on Kothlis

Part 1: Defend the transport

At the start of the mission send your wingmen to attack the TIEs. Accelerate and follow suit. Destroy TIEs you see. If you see any Interceptors, destroy them first as they will target you and your wingmen instead of the transport. Follow the transport to the beach close to the Star Destroyer while destroying any TIEs you spot. Once all the TIEs are down part 2 begins.

Part 2: AT-ATs on Kothlis

Some old friends have come to play. You should recognize the AT-ATs from the Battle of Hoth. Do the same thing you did then to them now. First, fly by the transport to change to a speeder, once you do, send your wingmen to attack the TIEs (more should appear) while you deal with the walkers. It will be difficult as you cant touch the water or you'll damage your craft. Do your best to tie up the walkers while avoiding the water. Once all the walkers are down, a cutscene will bring up part 3.

Part 3: Beach landing for AT-PTs

This part begins after all the AT-ATs are down, proceed back to the transport but fly into the Alliance symbol above the Y-Wings. Once youre in a Y-Wing again, attack the AT-PTs, they will be vulnerable in the water and out so dont worry, but they cant shoot at you in the water. So send your wingmen to attack any TIEs that are left then to engage the AT-PTs, use your bombs to blast the AT-PTs like you probably did on mission 4. Keep moving and destroy all the AT-PTs, if you get a chance, drop a few bombs on the large flat area in the front of the Star Destroyer that looks like a plateu. Make sure to take out all the AT-PTs quickly, or they will destroy the commandos or the transport, you cant afford to lose either one. Once all the AT-PTs are down, send your wingmen after the TIEs that should appear. Eventualy, a cutscene will appear showing the Star Destroyer while Crix tells you to bomb the hull, at this point, bomb the heck out of one the weak hull points, preferably the one closest to the beach. Once its breached, the mission will end in about a few seconds.



Mission 7: Imperial Academy Heist

This mission makes use of the Gamecube's internal clock, before 6 p.m. you pilot the Y-wing in this mission. After 6 p.m. you pilot the SnowSpeeder for this mission. The mission parameters are changed at night but remain roughly the same as during the day: steal an imperial shuttle. Well, lets get started.


Part 1: Ion cannons and radar sensors

As soon as you start, drop down as far as possible. It is important to maintain the lowest possible altitude and to use your Ion cannon on the sensors. So press and hold the B button to charge up an Ion blast. You must disable all the sensors to allow safe passage without imperial detection. Keep low and use your Ion cannon. There are 9 Sensors total in the mountain pass. Do your best to disable them with your Ion cannon while keeping your distance and keeping your speed up. Once you disable the last sensor, the radar will flash, changing your target. Keep going through the mountains and you will see 2 TIE platforms with 8 TIEs each. You dont need to waste any time here unless you want to. If you want to take out the TIEs, use your bombs to destroy them before they take off, otherwise just shoot them. When done with them, keep going straight up the mountains, follow your radar but dont turn, go up the mountains to the other side and you'll spot the academy. Bomb all the gun turrets and have some fun bombing the buildings before you steal the shuttle thats on the only landing platform in the entire academy. Fly into the blue allaince symbol to change into the shuttle and start part 2.


Part 1: Speeding through the pass

For this part, do the same as in the Y-wing, keep as low as possible, but DO NOT DESTROY ANY OF THE SENSORS! Doing so will set them off, alerting the imperials of your presense and failing the mission. Keep your speed up while maintaining a fairly good altitude and distance from the sensors. Keep moving until your clear of the sensors. Once you are, do the same as in the Y-Wing, ignore the TIEs, as well as the walkers, you need to save time to get the medal on this mission. As in the Y-wing, go up the same mountains to spot the academy. To get the medal, you will need to take out about 80 or so enemy craft, so thats why the Empire left so many TIEs on the ground for you. Have your fun then proceed to the shuttle platform when or before your gunner says "we'd better get to that platform before they lockdown the shuttle", destroy the turrets around the shuttle then fly into the blue allaince symbol above the platform. This will start part 2 which is the same for both night and day except for the cutscenes.

Part 2: Getaway in the shuttle

As soon as you gain control of the shuttle, HIT THE THROTTLE. It would also help to man the rear gun using the B button to take out TIEs that are tailing you. But dont do this unless there are TIEs behind you. Don't Remain on one flight path. Keep acending or decending so that the TIEs cant get a lock on you. Follow your radar to the reundevous point. The level will end at this point.



Mission 8: Raid on Bespin

Now this level was NOT in any of the movies. The rebels are in need of tibanna gas, the magic behind all the laser guns in the Star Wars Universe. You will need to secure 3 Tibanna Gas platforms, then destroy the 3 power generators in the city. Then defend 2 more platforms from a group of TIE Bombers. So lets get started.

Part 1:Floating turrets and TIEs

When the level starts, immediatly send your wingmen to attack any nearby TIEs. Blast the flaming barrels on the inside of the balloon in front of your start position to destroy it. This will stop most of the gunfire. You will need to destroy most of the remaining TIE interceptors in the area. Then you will move on to the next area with 2 turret balloons and 2 platforms. Again, destroy the gun balloons and a large portion of the interceptors to proceed to the next area with 3 balloons and 3 platforms, as well as a large group of Interceptors, destroy as much of them as you can. This is a crucial part of the mission. Afte this, you will proceed straight to cloud city.

Part 2:Generators in canals

Send your wingmen after the TIEs immediatly to keep em off your back. Then use your targeting computer to navigate the city to find the generators you need to destroy. One is due north of your start position, the 2nd is northwest, and the third is due east from the 2nd. Once all the generators are down, use the radar and proceed immediatly to the last 2 platforms. Shoot down all TIE bombers, dont waste time on Interceptors who will try to confuse you. Stay focused on the bombers. Once all the Bombers are down, you will complete the mission.



Mission 9:Battle of Endor

This is the climactic final battle of Return of the Jedi, the last movie in the saga. In this mission, you will need to destroy TWO Star Destroyers, a heck of alot of TIE interceptors and fighters. and about 20 TIE bombers. Dont pick a ship your not good in, this level is a tough one, but your almost there......

Part 1:"All squadrons, follow me"

You start the mission with the rest of the Rebel Fleet. Follow the Millenium Falcon until it swerves left and returns to the fleet. You will then notice the Imperial Fleet in waiting. Proceed straight to them.

NOTE: If you are in a Y or B-Wing, keep your wingmen with you to help you fire until the bombers show up, then send them after the fighters.

If you are in: an X or A-Wing, the Millenium Falcon or the Naboo Fighter, send your wingmen after the TIEs right at the start. They wont be able to keep up with you so just send them aftet the TIEs so they can help out.

When you clear the Rebel Fleet, about 8 or 9 squadrons will appear to attack you. DONT CRASH! You can lose one of your lives on this part of the mission. Be careful not to crash during the entire mission. You can lose your precious lives that way. You need them for the Star Destroyers. After those 8 or 9 squads of TIEs get to firing range of the Rebel Fleet, they will disperse from formation into squads of Interceptors or Fighters. At this point, more TIEs will come in as per rate you and your allies destroy them. After about 2 or 3 minutes, the Bombers will appear. Take this chance to get a shot at them while they hold still. After releasing their first barrage on the Frigate Redemption (The long cruiser with 2 bulging masses at both ends). Make sure you dont slow down, use your Targeting computer if you cant find the TIE bombers. They will destroy the Redemption after a while if you dont destroy them in time. Once they are all down, a cutscene will show the Rebels were lured into a trap when the ..... well, see it for yourself.

Part 2: Star Destroyers Gemini

There will be 2 Star Destroyers dead ahead of you. Accelerate and be ready to send out your wingmen when the TIEs show up. They can also help to draw fire if you send them to attackt the GUNS on the Star Destroyers. Keep moving and blast the Shield generators (Just like from the Razor Reundavouz Mission, except these Star Destroyers wont focus their fire on you). Once all 3 generators are destroyed on one Star Destroyer, blast the bridge then till it blows, using your missles or torpedoes (as they apply) will help to destroy them. If you are on one last Star Destroyer and you have a spare life, crash into the bridge at full speed while you fire at it to destroy it. Once the bridge is out, HIT THE THROTTLE. People can be hit by a Star Destroyer spinning as it is drawn into the atmosphere. This mainly can only happen on the Left most Star Destroyer (from your start position). Dont lag behind, because the Star Destroyers WILL destroy the Admirals Cruiser the Home One (The big blue ship). Once both Star Destroyers are down, hang around the Home One for about a minute or so. Admiral Ackbar will anounce the shields on the Death Star are down. (This will end the mission) You're almost there.......



Mission 10:Strike at the core

Wedge and Lando made this look easy in the movie but one thing is true. IT IS NOT. THIS LEVEL WILL $@%#ING PISS YOU OFF AFTER DIEING LIKE 10 TIMES. Be patient, this IS the last level. This level is what you call a "Gauntlet". Or the longest, hardest level in the game. So if you think Battle of Endor was tough, you aint seen nothin. In this level, you'll need to protected the Falcon from TIEs until you reach the core (If you're in the X-Wing). If you can play as the Falcon and you do, you will need to protect Wedge's X-Wing. Now, lets get this thing blown up before the whole fleet is in pieces.

Part 1:Defend the Falcon

When the level starts, KEEP MOVING! Your wingmen stayed behind to help the fleet. So its just you and Lando (or wedge if your piloting the Falcon). You will need to shoot down the TIEs that attack the falcon or they will destroy it. Keep moving and keep blasting TIEs till you get to the large dome like thing with the open roof. Enter the dragon's den......

Part 2: Shaft guarding to the core

You still need to keep up with the Falcon while blasting the TIEs that attack it, while you make sure you dont crash into the piping.(Told ya this was the gauntlet) Dont lose track of the falcon while you fly throught he tunnel to the core. The TIEs only need 2 seconds to shoot it down. Accelerate to make sure you dont fall behind. But decelerate on the turns to sharpen them. Keep the TIEs at bay and they all should be destroyed before you reach the core. Once you reach it. Hit the throttle till you reach the power regulator on the ceiling. If you dont see it, use your targeting computer. Like the first Death Star, 2 well placed torpedo shots and the thing will blow. Escape the dragon's den.....

Part 3:Escape from the firery core

ACCELERATE DAMMIT! YOU'VE GOTTA ESCAPE THE $%@#ING CORE BEFORE IT BLOWS! Dont worry about the Falcon, if you took care of all the TIEs, it can take care of itself. If there are still TIEs you didnt destroy, keep up with it and take 'em out. Once all is clear, ACCELERATE! Keep accelerating, but slow down so you dont crash or you will have to start over. Once you reach the clearing at the end of the tunnel, accelerate and dont hit the ceiling or floor. Cruise throught to the end of the tunnel and.......

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! YOU DESTROYED THE SECOND DEATH STAR!!!! This is the end of the normal missions. The credits will roll after a cutscene that has clips from the remake version of Return of the Jedi, which was released in like 1996 or so. Well, thats it. Aside from the secret missions, your deed is done. You can relax now, its over.



Secret Missions

If you got the neccessary amount of points, you can unlock the secret levels. There are 5 total. This makes 15 missions not counting the training mission on Tatooine.

Here are all the secret levels and the points you need to unlock them.

Death Star Escape-20

The Asteroid Field-30

Triumph of the Empire-30

Revenge of Yavin-40


You are given points after you get medals. Use these to unlock the levels.

Now, for me to walk you through them.

Secret Mission 1:Death Star Escape

This mission was featured in Episode IV, A New Hope. You must man one of the Millenium Falcon's turret guns as it escapes the Death Star's Tractor beam. You will have to destroy 3 Waves of TIE fighters with 2 more at the end. Use the gunfire (shoot with L or R) to line the fire with the target. Do your best to destroy them all in under 5 minutes or its BOOM! Falcon goes bye bye.

Thats it for now. This walkthrough will be updated and completed next month.

"Red Leader Standing by"
-Commander Wedge Antillies