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Assault, Budokai, Legends of lack, Underground and Sagas
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Well, quite an article this month huh?  First off, i'm talking about the new Starfox game from (da da-da daaaaaa!) Namco, and the Ace Combat team that did the Ace Combat series did an impressive job with this game.  Due the 14th of February, the game seems more true to the feel of Starfox for the SNES and Starfox 64.  Theres tons of action on foot with powerful weaponry, and of course everyone's favorite Landmaster tank and Arwing aircraft.  The game is geared to focus more on mechanized combat than on-foot combat.  I'm on the lookout for this one. 
Budokai 2 has finnaly come out for the Gamecube.  The game came out last year for the PS2 and a month after Budokai 3.   With a few nicer features like slightly smoother graphics, the game feels late.  This is the type of port you release maybe, 6 months before the next installment to keep the players happy, but it's not enough to draw my attention.  I just hope Atari will follow up and bring Budokai 3 to Gamecube soon. 
On another note, i've been following up on whatever news I could find on the new Legend of Zelda for Gamecube which looks amazing.  With graphics that rival Resident Evil 4 and familiar to that of Ocarina of Time, the game is at the top of my most wanted list, but as of yet, the same information from Nintendo I got last year.  It's due sometime this year.  How surprisingly vague.  But I believe in the words of Zelda's creator; Shigeru Miyamoto: "a rushed game that is terrible is terrible forever.  A delayed game is eventually good."  So don't rush this game, which has the makings to put the Gamecube on the map the way Smash Brothers Melee did and the way Resident Evil 4 soon shall. 
Coming out in March for the DS is Need for Speed Underground 2.  EA has given little details, but the game sounds solid.  Using the touch screen to tune your car and paint job, four player wireless, and Nitrous boost control with the touch screen.  EA is among the companies that i'd trust without a review, and i'm sticking to that policy until I try the game myself. 
Lastly, Dragonball Z: Sagas from Atari is coming out for all systems and is coming soon.  From the video shots from the game, it looks like the game plays more like Star Wars: Battlefront than a standard DBZ game.  Which is a plus.  Just about everything in the environment is ready to be blown up.  The game follows the story of the show from the saiyan saga to the cell games.  Overall, the game looks solid.  Not too groundbreaking or anything, but still solid. 
Well that's enough outta me for one month, until March, Ciao!

"I'll give you a silent night."
-JT (Decline Christmas)