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Dual Screens and Evil evolved (January 10th 2005)

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Note: Let it be known, due to the unfairness of time and occurence, the original article was deleted before the archives were opened, thus the original article could'nt be posted.  Instead I re-wrote as best I could to try and pertain to the original content of the article.
-Mario Johnson

Dual Screens and Evil Evolved
By Mario Johnson
January 10th, 2005
Well December went by fast didn't it?  Over the holidays, I came to own a DS, the new handheld console from Nintendo.  Now i'm not trying to sell the console, but let me say that it makes the SP look obsolete.  In terms of graphics, you have to think halfway between the N64 and Gamecube and you've got it.  The console is kinda like a mini-computer.  With a clock, calender and alarm clock, the console even features the whole wireless gameplay and game download for multiplayer like the Game Boy Advance does but just wirelessly.  The wireless pictochat function is built in, and the DS is backward compatible to play GBA games.  Enough about that, on to more important news.  The highly anticipated Resident Evil 4 is coming out tomorrow to game stores everywhere and it is on the top spot of my wish list.  Other than what i've talked about for the last two years in my E3 report, theres not much else to say other than the game shall soon be a part of my Gamecube collection.  In other news, Namco has announced an Ace Combat Advance game.  As a big fan of the Ace Combat series, i'll be keeping an eye on this game.  The F/A-22A Raptor is the coolest!  Well, until next month.  Ciao!

"Isn't just an SP with an extra screen?"
-Guy in crowd (Decline of Video Games 2)