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The Nintendo DS
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By Mario Johnson

And now it's time to unveil Nintendo's newest hardware creation: The DS.  This isn't just a new Game Boy Advance, it's a whole new system.  The DS features two screens, touch-screen input, voice recognition, and wireless communication. 
With this new device, you can chat with your friends from across the country by using chat software to send text messages and even drawings made on the DS itself.  Online gameplay between many players is now possible, even if only one person has the game, the others can simply download it (kinda like with certain Game Boy Advance games) and start playing.  Two launch titles are Metriod Prime: Hunters, Super Mario64X4, and Warioware Inc. DS. 
The graphics are really good.  Think about half way from the N64 to the Gamecube, and you've got the DS graphcis. Fog effects and cell shading are possible on the DS. Over a hundred developers have lined up to provide games for the DS, which can play all Game Boy Advance Games (and probably Game Boy Color Games) and a second slot exclusive for it's own games. 
The DS also features it's own rechargable battery.  The DS is supposedly features a low-energy-consumption design.  Personaly I think it will take a while before the DS becomes a hit, but i'm probalby wrong.  The DS may also become an overnight success, and it may flop like Virtual Boy or the E-Reader. Only time will tell.  I still can't decide wether or not i'll get a DS when they are released, it may depend on the launch titles and the cost of the wireless chat and gaming thing.  Still, the DS is an impressive machine.
"N-Gage, eat your heart out."

"Move over Game Boy Advance"
- Jon Ronski