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"Transformers, much more than meets the eye." (May 13th 2004)

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Much more than meets the eye
By Jon Ronski

May 13th
Since the 1980's, Transformers have delighted kids of all ages and spawned dozens of toy lines as well as multiple t.v. series and a few movies.  Now, Transformers now have a next-generation video game.  To my dissapointment, the game is based on the Transformers Armada t.v. series that has aired on Cartoon Network for the past year.  Surrounding the war between the Autobots (to quote Toonami) "peaceful defenders of Cybertron " and the Decepticons "destructive scurge of the universe" in their war for Cyberton. The game begins in a brief standoff between Optimus Prime and Megatron, which is interrupted by a signal from the Mini-cons "an ancient race of power enhancing Transformers" who have crash landed on Earth after millions of years of drifting through space.  In the game, you play as the Autobots.  Megatron has come to earth with a small group of Decepticons and his "Decepticlone" army. The controls are perfect.  The graphics are beautiful.  And the gameplay rocks.  Throughout the game, you can pick up new Minicons to power up your Transformer and give him new weapons or abilities.  Overall, for ANY Transformers fan, I have to recommend this one, if your lookin for a great giant robot game with lots of action, play this game.  This game gets a 9 out of 10.  (9 due to voice-overs lacking realism, and being based on the Armada series)  'Till next month!

"Arise Rodmus Prime" - Optimus Prime
"Optimus....." - Hot Rod