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Game Town International

Aerofighters Assault
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We're under assault...

Stage Select
When you turn the game on, wait for the Video System and Paradigm Entertainment logos to disappear, then enter the following code ass soon as you see the planes flying in the intrduction sequence:Up, C-down, L R,Z.You'll hear a sound to confirm that the code has been entered correctly.Next choose "Main Game" from the Game mode menu; a stage select menu will appear, allowing you to practice any stage. The save options are deactivated when this code is in place, so your regular game scores wont't be affected.
Secret Character: Mao Mao
Wait for the words "Press Start Button" to appear on the title screen, then press C-Left, C-Down,C-Right, C-Up, C-Left, C-Down, C-Right. At the "Pilot Select" sscreen, you'll find a new character called Mao Mao who pilots an F-15.  Note: You may have already gained access to Mao Mao if you continued more than 3 times in the Tokyo stage.
Secret Character: Spanky
To access another secret character, you must complete the following requiremients: (1) Earn more than 170,00 points by the end of the Pacific Ocean stage; this will allow you to play the first bonus stage, "Air Landing ".  (2)Clear the tokyo, Pacific Ocean and Air Battle stages in less than 1,400 seconds,; this will allow you to play the Desert stage during day time.  (3)If you clear the daytime Desert stage, you'll access the second bonus tage, "Shuttle Defence".  (4) If you clear the "Air Landing" and "Shuttle Defense" bonus stages, you'll enter the third bonus stage, "Goliath Defense", after the Fortress level.  (5)If you clear the "Goliath Defense" bonus stage you'll enter the fourth bonus stage, "Space", after the Antartice Ocean and Ice Vase levels.  (6)If you clear the "Space" bonus stage, you'll be able to access Spanky, an X-29 pilot. aerofighters!