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Game Town International

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The gauge is broken!...

Extra tracks and vehicles
Note: You need 2 controllers to input this code, and it can be difficult to get the timing right, so if it doesn't work the first time, try again. First, turn the game on and hold L+R+Z on controller 2. When the title screen appears with the words "Push Start" flashing in red, quickly tap Up on the D-pad and press the C-Down button at exactly the same time (also on Controller 2); you must also be sure to release those two buttons at exactly the same time. Finally press START or A on Controller 1 before the title screen dissapears. If you've entered the code correctly, you should see 2 new courses at the track select screen and 5 new vehicles to choose from, including one that looks like an N64 Controller. Press the R repeatedly at the vehicle select screen to change the color of the N64 controller to Red,Green,Blue,Black or Yellow.
Turbo Start
At the starting line, hold the A and B buttons.When the announcer says, "Set, Ready, Go!" release the B button just before he says "GO!" This gives you a speed boost at the start of the race.
Turbo Boost
During a race, hold the A button to accelerate, hold Z and point the joystick hard Left or Right, then release both buttons and quickly press A again. This is a difficult trick to perform, but if you do it successfully, you'll hear a sound and you'll get a burst of speed.

...We're not getting enough Aero!