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By Zach

This walkthrough will take you through a day in the park at Universal Studios Hollywood. The Universal Studios Theme Park Adventure is based on the Hollywood, California park, as Universal Orlando doesn't have Backdraft or Waterworld. It's also a clear observation if you've been to the Orlando Universal Studios, but enough about that.

Let's start by familiarizing yourself with the park itself.

Attractions at Universal/Difficulty (For Red Stamp)

E.T. Adventure-Easy

Back to the Future-Medium


Wild Wild Wild West-Medium


Waterworld-Just a show

Jurrasic Park-Hard

Animation Celebration-Medium/Hard

Ok, now let's go through the attractions going Clockwise around the Park.

E.T. Adventure- This attraction is pretty easy, if you aren't that skilled at bike riding, dont try the ramps, although some cant be avoided, if you can, without slowing down, avoid whatever jumps you find. Crashing will slow you down, but if you take care around the jumps, you'll get the red stamp on your first try.

Animation Celebration- This is a quiz on Movie Trivia that Winnie Woodpecker gives to you. It will take a while to get the Red Stamp for this one, which requires you to pass without any wrong answers. Well, unless you are an expert on Universal Studio Movie trivia from 1931 to 1999. So my advice is replay over and over and you'll just memorize the answers.

Back to the Future- In the ride, you are in a remote-controlled DeLorean piloted by Doc Brown, in the game, you pilot the DeLorean. You have to chase Biff down through a present day Hill Valley, the Ice Age, and the Age when Earth was just a big fireball. Steer the Car with the Control stick and press B to brake. L and R will let you kindof strafe left or right. You start in Hill Valley, the only real danger or obstacle here is the walls. Avoid and turn, and you should be able to crash Biff at least 5 times before the first warp. Which is the clock tower. After the Time Warp, you'll be in the Ice Age, with Biff right ahead of you. Here the turns get sharper and now you have to avoid stalagmites and Ice Formations in the tunnels. The warp here is the giant Waterfall. At this warp, you will find yourself in... the time when Dinosaurs no longer roamed the Earth. Here you have to avoid fireballs, walls, sharp turns and fallin rocks when in a tunnel. This portion will extend forever until you either run out of time or stop Biff. Bring Biff's health down to zero and watch the Cops arrest him when he returns to our time.

Backdraft- This one gets hard. Your in a burning building and have to rescue some 20 or so people. Use the control stick to move around. Press the A button to spray water. When holding down the A button, press R to adjust the water pressure. Hold the A button and move the control stick to aim the spray of water. When you find one, press the B button to use a fire extinguisher. Press the X button to crouch and take cover from explosions or falling objects. When roaming the building, you will have to avoid the fireballs that the "smartfires" throw. Extinguish these and you will have less trouble extinguishing the other fires. When you find a fire extinguisher, SAVE IT!! You will need them for the final room. Try to have at least 2 for the final room. When you see a window crack and turn white, PRESS THE X BUTTON!!! The windo is going to explode with flame! The same thing for one door at a fork about halfway through the building. It will whistle, when it does, press the X button. You have to rescue EVERYONE inside and reach the exit in time or you wont get the Red Stamp. I'll have a more detailed explanation for this attraction next month.

Jurrasic Park- This is a shooter game. You have to charge up the lockon by holding A. You also have an machine gun, by pushing Y. Move the crosshair with the Control Stick and when propted, press L or R or both to crouch and hold on. You have to alternate Lock-On with your auto fire gun to successfully win. You will need 80,000 points on your score at the end analysis to get a Red Stamp. But i'll put down the dino list and how you should take 'em down.

Raptor- Lock-on when alone, use autofire on herds.

Triceratops- Bonus dino that won't attack you, use Lock-On.

Stegasaurus- Use Lock-On to take out the only 2 Stegos in the game.

Pteradon- Use Lock-On, autofire isn't accurate enough and they deal serious damage in groups.

Brachiasaurs- Only one in the game, you cant actually attack it, but rather you must hold either R or L when you ride up it's back.

T-Rex- You will encounter her twice in this attraction. The first time you merly have to shoot it 8 times. The second time, it's the boss for this ride. When you see the Red Icon that says "Weak Point", use the machine gun to find the weak point, you'll know cause it'll flash if you hit the weak point. Enough hits at that point, and it'll retreat but still pursue you. When she takes enough damage, she'll fall down and roar.

Waterworld- Waterworld is actually just a show that you get points for watching instead of a stamp, the show closes at night.

Jaws- For this attraction, you have to battle the Great White Shark Jaws. Move around the deck with the Control Stick. Pick up barrells and boxes with A. Press again to throw them. You must keep him away from your boat, the Orca, by throwing barrells overboard at him when he attacks. If you notice the wooden boxes, pick 'em up and throw 'em to the deck to break 'em open and reveal items. Throw them with B. You can find:

Wine Bottles- Several rounds per bottle picked up. Weakest pickup but best range.

Bomb- Explosive black balls you can throw at Jaws. 2nd most powerful pickup.

Dynamtie- Most powerful pickup. Will shave off half of Jaws' health with one hit. Rare find.

Jaws can't damage your ship in any way or you won't get the Red Stamp. Jaws can attack your ship 7 times before it sinks. Bring Jaws' health to zero to make it through the sea intact.

The Wild Wild Wild West- This is a first person shootout. Aim with the Blue Crosshair. Fire with L or R and reload with A. You have to score better than your opponent. Your accuracy doesnt affect your total score, but try to hit straight. Complete the attraction without losing to any of the three gunmen and you get a red stamp.

The last stamp is for collecting the gold letters that will spell "UNIVERSAL STUDIOS". They are scattered throughout the park, and some are only found after dark.

Well, that's all for now. I'll be back next month with more descriptive park directions and attration guides. You can find the list of Park Letters in the library as well.

"At Universal Studios, where you can play the movies."
-Voice from those old Universal Studios movies