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Bomberman Generation
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Bomberman, Bomberman, mass destruction across the land, makes a bomb any size, and he's yours to customize, oh yeah.  Your very own Bomberman...

Play as Max in the battle games
Just get all the lightning cards.

Hint for "Standered Battle"
To beat the player (or Computer) you want to beat quickly, Go to all
the steps you need to do before you play. When you get to the Stage
Selection screen, Press "L" to bring up the Item Setup. Next go
down to the Vest and put that (9) and the bomb with the heart on
it and put that nine. Now, When you play the game, Get the bomb with
the heart on it, then get the vest. go very close to the player you
want to kill, (be sure you check if you have the vest on. it's
colorful) then keep pressing "A B" very fast. you won't hit yourself,
but you will kill them less then 7 seconds. (It's funner if you put
handicap on with all 5 lives.

Death Bomb (Multiplayer)
In Multiplayer Mode, start a Standard Battle(this trick requires 2
humans to do). First, make both players lay a bomb, then kick the
bombs into each other. After that, it will create a Death Bomb.

All Charaboms
These are the locations of the Charaboms:
Andlar- 1-1
Dorako- 1-2
Marine Eel- 1-5
Kai-man- 2-1
Ligon- 2-2
Pommy- 2-5
Stegodon- 3-1
Pteradon- 3-2
Beast P.- 3-5

Walking Bomb!  (VS. Md.)
After you turn on the items of Saftey jacket (it's gold, you can't
miss it) and you also turn on remote control bombs (it's a heart
with bomb inside)  After you get them both in mid battle, just walk
around pressing "A" and the "B" as FAST as you can!  You will just
be a walking time bomb!!!!

Get Option for Mini Games
Finish level 4-3 to get the mini-game option in the main menu

Battle Mode View Change
Before the battle starts use the C-stick to change the view angle

Unlimited hearts
First put down a bomb(any kind)then pick it up.then kill any enemy.
go where you killed it and put down another bomb. then there shoud
be a heart(full heart) then you will have unlimited lives

Play as Max in battle mode
Collect all of the lightning cards in the normal game.

Play as Golden Bomber in battle mode
(You have to have PK Bomber on yes)Just win the victory at the end
of the battle and even if another bomber blocks your ball, your still
gold. It works the same way for the computer platers.

Get mini game mode at the title screen
Just beat the four mini games in normal mode.

Get a second battle mode
Beat normal mode and you get A mode and B mode at the stage select
screen in the standard battle mode. Mode A is the regular play and
Mode B will allow you to access better powerups.

Cross his path, you'll explode, in the brand new adventure mode.  Different levels to explore, on Nintendo64.  Look out!  It's the new Bomberman!!