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Super Smash Brothers Melee
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Super Smash Brothers Melee

There just happens to be so much stuff for Melee that it needs its own page.

Secret Characters

Jigglypuff- Finish Classic or Adventure mode with any character and defeat the puffy ballon Pokemon when it appears to make it join you r crew.

Dr. Mario- Finish Classic mode with Mario without any continues then defeat the medically licensed Dr. Mario when he shows up to unlock him.

Luigi.- Play in Adventure mode as any character and finish the Stage 1 with a number 2 in the seconds digit of the timer, that will be the number 3rd from the right. Mario's younger sibling will now appear, beat him in less than 1:00:00. Then complete the remaining stages in Adventure mode, afterwards Luigi will appear again, defeat the tall green capped plumber to make him join your crew.

Young Link- Finish Classic mode with at least 10 characters, then beat Classic mode again with Link and defeat his 10 year old form to have yet another Hylian in your crew.

Falco- Finish the 100 man melee and defeat Falco to unlock Fox's bird wingman.

Pichu- Finish Stage 37 of Event mode, or you could Play Versus mode 201 times, either way Pichu will appear on you, defeat Pikachu's baby form to catch him.

Ganondorf- Finish Stage 29 of event mode then defeat the Gerudo King himself when he appears to unlock.

Marth- Use all 14 original characters (werent unlocked) at least once in Classic or Adventure mode, then finish the game with one of them, another way is to play in Versus mode 401 times, either way Marth will jump you, defeat him when he does to unlock him.

Roy- Finish Classic mode as Marth and defeat Roy when he shows up and he will join your crew.

Mr. Game & Watch- Finish Classic mode with 24 different characters then defeat Mr.G&W to unlock him.

Mewtwo- Play Versus mode 701 times or log 20 hours of Versus mode without computer characters ( all must be actual players, Mewtwo will appear after 5 hours logged) and defeat the clone Pokemon when he shows up to unlock him.

Secret Stages

Brinstar Depths- Play 50 versus mode matches.

Fourside City- Play 100 versus mode matches.

Big Blue- Play 150 versus mode matches.

Pokemon Floats- Play 200 versus mode matches, this also unlocks the Random option on arena select.

Mushroom Kingdom II- Find the Birdo or Pidgit trophey in one-player mode.

Flat Zone- Finish Classic mode as Mr. Game & Watch.

Battlefield- Defeat All-Star mode with any character.

Final Destination- Clear all 51 stages in Event mode.

Dreamland- Complete Target Test with all 25 characters.

Yoshi's Island- Hit the sandbag over 1,323 feet in the Home-Run contest.

Kongo Jungle- Finish the 15-Minute Melee with any character.

Sound test and All-star mode

Event Stage 51- Clear 27 out of 30 stages in event mode to unlcok stages 31-39. Unlock all the secret characters to unlock stages 40-50, Complete stages 1-50 to unlock stage 51.

Sound Test- Unlock Jigglypuff, Luigi, Dr.Mario, Falco and Young Link and Clear Stage 51 of event mode to unlock the Sound test.

All-Star mode- Finish Classic mode with all 25 characters to unlock All-star mode.

Special Hidden Trophies

Fighting wire frame- Finish the 15 minute Melee with any character.

Male Wire frame- Finish the 100 man Melee in 240 seconds or less and defeat Falco.

Proximity Mine- Complete Stage 3 of event mode.

Goomba- Finish Stage 14 of event mode.

Samus Starship- Escape from Brinstar in adventure mode before the timer expires.

Kirby Hat 5- Finish Stage 37 of event mode.

Bunny Hood- Accumulate a total of 126 hits in Training mode (MAX combos) for all characters combined.

Captain Olimar- Play Super Smash Brothers Melee with a Pikmin SAVE file on your memory card.

Battlefield- Finish All-Star mode once with any character.

Celebi- Locate Celebi's Pokeball in adventure or classic mode.

Crazy Hand- Complete Adventue mode at the Hard or Very Hard difficulty setting with out continuing.

Coin- Play 101 times in Coin Battle mode (set battles to "Coin" at the options menu).

Diskman- Score points in every special bonus category.

Entei- Complete Stage 26 in Event mode.

Donkey Kong Jr.- Complete the game with all 25 characters in classic mode.

Female wire frame- Defeat 101 enemies in the Endless Melee.

Final Destination- Finish Stage 51 in event mode.

Food- Play 1,000 Melee mode matches.

Game & Watch- Complete Stage 45 of event mode.

Land Master Tank- Score a combined total of 1,001 K.O.s.

Lon Lon Milk- Clear the Target Tests in 1,500 seconds or less.

Mach Rider- Clear Classic mode in 300 seconds or less.

Majora's Mask- Complete Stage 47 of event mode.

Master Hand- Clear Classic mode at Hard or Very Hard difficulty without continuing.

Maximum Tomato- Play 10 matches in Melee mode.

Metal Box- Perform 11 combos in training mode.

Mew- Clear All-Star mode at the Hard or Very Hard difficulty setting.

Mute City- Walk a total distance of 3,300 feet or more in the game.

Paper Mario- Hit the sandbag 1,385 feet or more in the Home-Run contest.

F-Zero Racers- Collect the Red "Smash" trophies for all characters (earned by finishing Adventure mode).

Meowth- Collect the blue "Smash trophies for all characters (earned by finishing All-Star mode).

Two Samurai fighting inside of a glass cube...........