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PSP launches, loaded with bugs

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By Jon Ronski
March 26, 2005

So since the PSP launched in Japan in December, there has been nothing but outcry over it, here in the states since the launch two days ago too.  Dead pixles, questions to the battery life, insane price tag, sticky buttons, just like the PS2's disk read error problem.  Either way, the PSP has launched, and comes loaded with bells and whistles.  Movie player, music player, photos, and of course, a game play function.  So far, from what i've seen the PSP has no wireless gameplay function like the DS for multiplayer, and the screen size is less compared to the DS if you count both screens.  Either way, I don't care too much for portable gaming.  Maybe i'll be given one for birthday or Christmas when family can't thing of anything else.  Anyway, thats all i've got for you this month.  I'll see you all next time.

I hate bugs...
-Jon Ronski