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Game Town International

Renovations abound, the city has been partly closed

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By Maron Strise
March 27, 2005

After speaking with the Mayor after this morning's update and city council meeting, this reporter was brought somewhat disturbing news.  Effective immediately, certain areas of Game Town Int. will be shut down, perhaps indefinetly.  These areas include but are not limited to; the Game Town City Zoo, the Game Town PC Shop, and finally the Final Fantasy area on PSX Street.  The Mayor spoke at the city council meeting that fixing the problems the city now has takes priority over constructing new areas, but made it clear that the two new areas of the city; the DS Plaza and the newly paved PSP Street are to be constructed on schedule.  The Mayor did not give an official statement, rather he spoke to me personally.   With all that has been going on, I can only imagine the Mayor's current state of mind.  For now that is all the news in the city, but I will be back to bring you further details in the next edition of the Newsline.

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