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Game Town International

Average Partners, new construction

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By Maron Strise
March 27, 2005

With the launch of the PSP, the Mayor has set forth plans for a page dedicated to the new handheld.  The DS page is up but not yet completed.  Recently, Mayor Leonhart has put forth plans to welcome his long time partner company Average Interactive Inc. to Game Town Int., as a way for Average to display what new products they have made and to post what news is happening in their ranks.  The City Council seemed pleased with the idea, and perhaps may allow for Average Interactive products to be available here in Game Town Int., the Mayor has yet to comment on that facet however.  For now, that is all the news in the city, as E3 approaches, both column reporters are making early preparations for the event.  So, until next time, this is Maron Strise saying farewell.

"Technically speaking it's,... oh nevermind."
- Maron Strise