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March of PSP, Punishment, Mafia, and Destruction
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Now here is all the wonderful news I promised you last month.  I thought the PSP would be out already, but it seems Nintendo beat Sony in the release of the next-generation handheld console.  The Nintendo DS has been out since like, November, and the PSP is officially not due until March.  Yep, March.  And that's a late March, like March 31st.  Well, not much has changed with it, so lets move on. 
 I felt like killing something, so I checked out The Punisher for PS2.  The game is based on the Marvel Comic and movie which are both awesome.  The game looks pretty standard for an action shooter, but I don't make opinions until I play it myself so stay tuned. 
EA is apparently developing a PS2 game based on the 1972 film, The Godfather.  I found a short teaser trailer for it, but nothing on EA's website.  Which sucks. 
Lastly, i'm looking into playing the new Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction game.  Which looks insane.  And the commercials, crazy.  "Blow up anything, blow it up again, keep blowing stuff up.  Blow the living crap out of it, Blow the living crap out of it some more."    That game is on the top of my list, any game where the game characters will admit they love their jobs and "will use two grenades when one will do the job.", has my vote.  Making things die in an insane manner is my thing. 
Well, i'll be back next month with more on the PSP if anything new happens, like an official release date.....peace.

"I'll blow up a hummer just because I can."
-Mercenary (Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction commercial)