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New year, new challenges (January 10th, 2005)
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The first addition to the Center Column Archive.  Enjoy.
-Maron Strise

New year, new challenges
By Maron Strise
January 10th, 2005
As the old year dwindled to a close, a new year dawns with a new start, and new challenges.  With the upcoming live-action Neon Genesis Evangelion movie due in a year, the Mayor is pushing for an anime column to keep us all up-to-date on it.  Our columnists are also making pre-E3 preparations to be ready to bring the news ASAP.   The mayor's last statement asked for no mention of last month, so none shall be made.  For now, that is all thats new for the city, until next month, Ciao!

Very challenging indeed...
-Maron Strise