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Resident Evil Zero Review
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In the beginning, there was Zero...

Resident Evil Zero is a game that has switched systems at the halfway  point.  The game was originally going to be for the N64, but then switched over for Gamecube.  Zero is the first Resident Evil game that can only be played on Gamecube, that is, original game that can only be played on Gamecube.  The biggest clincher in this game is the story.  The game tells the story of what happened before the mansion.  This is the story of Rebecca Chambers, the only survivor of Bravo Team.
Graphics 10 out of 10
The graphics in this game are amazing.  While there are a few minor problems, there aren't enough to really take away from the gameplay experience.  Like the Resident Evil remake before it, Zero puts the Gamecube hardware to work.  With detailed environments and creature effects so detailed you'd think the system would lag.  In simpler terms, the game looks good enough to pass.
Sound 9 out of 10
Like all other Resident Evils, the music only changes when a major attack like a boss or miniboss occurs, or some other emergency.  While the music in those situations does set the mood, the rest of the time all you get is the same creepy ambient music meant to be creepy that you get in all the other Resident Evil games.  The moans from the zombies is the same in the remake and the old piano that is obviously in need of dire tuning all make for a great game sound wise.
Gameplay 7out of 10
The game lost a point for repetiveness.  Like all other games in the series, the same control and bad camera angles remain to torment the gamer.  While the addition of a partner makes the gameplay more engaging, it takes from the essense of Resident Evil, which is to scare you.  It's kinda hard to be scared of slow moving zombies when you've got a 6 foot guy with a shotgun and a 5 food 5 inch girl with a grenade launcher killing everything.  The feeling of lonelyness and terror present in the remake just isnt present in Zero most of the game.  And when the characters do separate, suddenly you're so vulnerable it hurts.

"Before the Mansion.  Before the disaster.  Evil is born."
-Resident Evil Zero back cover box art