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E3 Cubed 2004
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E3 Nintendo 2004

74 new games, one controller, and all the time in the world to spend playing games.
He he, you'll need all three when you take a look at the new game list showcased at E3.  Here is the complete (sorry but the COMPLETE list wont be ready until in july) list straight from Nintendo.  My favourite titles have their own pages complete with pictures!  Next year i'll start this earlier so I can have pics for all the games, promise!
-Mario Johnson

Advance Wars: Under Fire
Published by Kuju Entertainment Ltd., this great game series goes from the Game Boy Advance to the Gamecube.  Going from a turn-based strategy game, to a fast-pased,     3-D, real time combat action game.  The graphics look great from what i've seen.  If your ever in need of a good wartime action game, check this one out.  It looks awesome.  And sorry, but I don't know the whole Advance Wars story so I can't comment on it.
Amazing Island
A strange title, in this game the player is like Dr. Frankenstein, but in a good way.  Published by Sega, this game features a "monster editing system", you can also transfer the monsters you create on Gamecube to your Game Boy Advance and go against up to three friends and gather monster making items only found on the Game Boy Advance.  Details are too sketchy for me to say much about this game.
Baten Kaitos
An RPG, published by Namco, looks awesome, and if that wasn't enough, it's a Gamecube exclusive title!  The game boasts an unconventional card system where you can combine cards to conjure up countless magical effects.  The game's story is a little complicated, but the jist of it is that some sinister conspiracy to corrupt power is threatening to plunge the world into darkness.  You control a spirt that guides Kalass (a main character) through the world and fights by his side.  I may pick this game up if i'm hungry for an RPG.
Call of Duty: Finest Hour
Published by Activision and developed by Spark, this new installment of the series lets players go between playing as American, British and Russian forces.  The 30 man development team employed some of the guys who made the Medal of Honor series.  I couldn't get any pics of this game but I may rent it sometime.
Carmen Sandiego: The Secret of the Stolen Drums
Do you all remember Carmen Sandiego?  A few years back she was big, then she was kinda forgotten.  But now she's back!  You play as Cole Gannon, a 17-year-old special agent who the master of the latest in high-tech sleuthing.  A series of daring art museum robberies tips off ACME that someting big is going down.  Only one person could pull off robberies that daring, and that person is Carmen Sandiego.  She apparently hot on the trail of some untold riches in some African cave, gotta find some old drums, blah blah blah.  I may just pick up this game cause of the star.
EA puts the cat out for a night of action and adventure.  Based on Halle Berry's new flick (due this summer), the game follows Patience Phillips, a shy and sensitive artist.  A twist of fate gives her all the powers of a cat: matrix-style bullet dodging, her famous whip, pouncing and jumping, and running up walls.  I didn't bother with the story too much, I don't really care for movie tie-in games.  EA is also making a Catwoman game for the GBA.

Custom Robo

Def Jam Fight For NY
Electronic Arts presents the sequel to the original Def Jam Vendetta.  I've never played it, so I wouldn't know the story, but this time around the story is supposed to be much deeper.  The fighting mechanics have been expanded.  With each playable character having their own fighting style.  Such fighting styles include: street, kickbox, submission master, martial arts and wrestling.  The graphics look really good, and the female fighters will play a bigger role in this game too.
Digimon Rumble Arena 2
Bandai brings the arena to Gamecube for a sequel.  The game features over 40 playable Digimon forms, each with their own unique moves.  When you use "forms" in there, that means that Agumon's family tree accounts for like 5 of those Digimon.  So the majority of those 40 Digimon are just Digivolved forms.  But I don't care, the graphics are sweet and I FINNALY get to play as Metalgreymon!  The most powerful Digimon in the Digi-world second only to Omnimon.  The game is 4-player, just like Smash Brothers, only with special moves.  Nothing too incredible for the average gamer, but for hardcore Digimon fans, this is the game to pick over all the games featured at E3.
Digimon World 4
Bandai brings the Digimon back for another adventure.  The game is 4-player, features the Digimon from all 4 seasons, and you put in the rest. Aside from the 4 player action, the game has nothing going for it based on what i've seen.  But there is a long time between now and fall, so the story may develop by then.
Disney/Pixar's The Incredibles
THQ is publishing this movie tie-in game based on the new Disney/Pixar movie.  You play as a middle-aged insurance agent named Bob Parr, whose crime fighting days are long behind him.  But then he gets called back into action.  I don't care too much for this game because I put minimal value in movie tie-in games.  This is due largely to the fact that most of the movie tie-in games that i've played have sucked.  But who knows, this game may be worth playing.
Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat
HE'S BACK! And he's still wearing that tie!  Donkey Kong makes his glorious return to the adventure game with this new title for Gamecube.  DK has to brave the dangers and perils of the jungle in order to rescue his fellow kongs.  The game looks SOOOOO good.  I'll probably pick this game up just because it's Donkey Kong.
Donkey Konga
Developed by Namco and published by Nintendo, this game is all about the music.  One day DK and Diddy find an odd pair of barrels sitting on some deserted beach.  They take them to Cranky who reveals that they are a legendary musical instrument that plays music when you drum on them and clap.  DK and Diddy decide to go into the music industry, become master musicians, get filthy rich, and buy all the bananas they could ever want.  I think thats more than enough story for a Donkey Kong game, don't you think?  Not only is this game Cell-shaded, and scheduled for late September, it's 4-player!
FIFA Soccer 2005
EA games brings the newest FIFA game for Gamecube and is scheduled for this winter.  I'm not too big on sports games, not to mention soccer games, i'd rather play them in real life.  Still, I don't think I need to say much more about this game do I?

The Fairly Oddparents: Shadow Showdown
THQ brings yet another Fairly Oddparents game to Gamecube.  2 sequels in like two years is bound to lower the value of any more to come.  But anyway, in the game, no one in Dimmsdale has any T.V. reception, so all the kids are gonna miss the season finale of Crash Nebula.  So Timmy, Wanda, and Cosmo embark to solve the problem.  They are the only ones who can fight the evil thats killing off all T.V. reception who is known only as "The Shadow".  Up to two players can play at the same time.  Not much else to say.
Fire Emblem
4 years after Smash Brothers Melee, the game series that first made Marth and Roy famous comes to Gamecube.  The game is pretty straightforward.  A turn-based RTS where you command your troops individually against your enemy.  Published by Nintendo and developed by Intelligent Systems, the game is 1 player and scheduled for next year.
Future Tactics: The Uprising
Published by Crave Entertainment, this game is one of the games at E3 that looks fun above all else.  In the future, some alien race has conquered Earth and calls it a colony.  Now an uprising of humans is banding together to fight back.  The game is turn based squad combat like.  Each person in your group takes a turn: either moving, shooting, resting, healing or defending.  The level is over when one group bites the dust.  The game looks like loads of fun where if your enemy is hiding behind something, blow it up and now they are an open target.  I'll most definitely be playing this one.
GT Cube
A racing game being published by XS Games.  There was like no more info about this game other than it's one player. 
I talked about this game last year.  Not much has changed since then.  In the game, you're a spectral operative searching for a certain body hidden somewhere in an enormous complex.  You possess people and animals, use their memories to solve the mystery, and interact with electrical objects and move other objects.  But some of the spirts you encounter in the game aren't so friendly.  I really don't know if i'll pick this game up.  But maybe.
Git on da Floor and Git on da Mike
Both are from XS Games and are 1 player. The only other info on these games is that they are simulation games.  I couldn't find anything else on them.
Goldeneye: Rouge Agent
Before you think it, no.  This game is NOT some kind of remake or port off the original Goldeneye game for the N64.   In the game, you play as a rouge agent who has been fired from MI6 for excessive brutality.  In a brutal encounter with Dr. No, the agent loses one of his eyes.  He then goes to Goldfinger, whose talented technicians construct a gold-hued, synthetic eye.  Hence the name, "Goldeneye".  Now goldeneye seeks revenge against Dr. No.  The game does away with all the dependency on Q gadgets and returns to the run-and-gun action that made Goldeneye for N64 so good.  The game also features the EVIL AI system, in which enemies will react and learn from your moves.  They'll learn your tactic of sitting in a safe corner and shooting them when they charge into the room for example.  Published and developed by EA, this game stands above all the other first person shooters at E3.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
EA presents yet another Harry Potter game.  If you're interested in this game, then you must be a Harry Potter fan, so you know the story (which I made no effort to look up).  The game is one player.
Jimmy Neutron: Attack of the Twonkies
THQ publishes yet another Jimmy Neutron game.  In the game, these aliens who live on this comet or asteroid thing that passes over Retroville every year, start to take over.  You combine everyday items to make inventions to help you fight the aliens.  The game is also 1-player and scheduled for fall.

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