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The classics never die, so NES deserves it's own page.

It's a shame that an NES isn't available thru retail anymore, there some really good games for it. Like the first 2 Final Fantasies and Zelda games. Along with Dragon Warrior 1,2, and 3. But we will still provide codes and such for NES.


TY19U-Level 23

3-D World Runner
When the words "Game Over" appear on the screen, hold Up+A and press START to continue on the stage where you lost your last life.
8 Eyes
Correct level order:
The game must be played in the following order to successfully
defeat the end Boss: Spain, Egypt, Italy, India, Africa, Germany,
and Arabia.
Correct jewel order:
Place the jewels in the following order at the end of the
game: yellow, white, green, orange, blue, purple, red and black.
Location                   Password 
House of Ruth              EAAPPPDPNE 
Second difficulty level    TAXANTAXAN 
Third difficulty level     FINALSTAGE 
Ending 1                   ONAPPMBPPF 
Ending 2                   CKBPPAAPEE 
Ending 3                   GBCPHAAHAD

Press A(2), Up, B(2), Down, A, B, Start at the credits screen.
View end game sequence:
Press A(2), Up, B(2), Down, A, B(2), Start at when the phrase "Press Start" appears.
Level select:
Press Left, Up, Right, Down, Up,
Right, Left, Down and one of the following buttons at the credits screen.
Level   Button 
2       Up 
3       Left 
4       Down 
5       Right 
6       Select 
7       B 
Defeating the robot Boss:
Position yourself in the safe location near where the beams are shooting from the left side of the screen.
Defeating the "Eyeball":
Position yourself in the safe location just to the left of the "Eyeball".
A Boy and His Blob
Easy Blobolonia cornfield:
Start running and throw the coconut approximately one screen
before the start of the cornfields to transform Blobert into a coconut that will roll through and smash the kernals.
Shoot the cherries that fall with the Vita-Blaster and vitamin
Action Fighter
Enter SPECIAL as a password.
Adventure Island
Continue game play:
Locate the hidden egg at the end of level 1. It can be located by jumping directly upward at the edge of the cliff just before the "G" sign. Smash the egg and collect the Hudson bee logo. Hold Up + A + Select and press Start at the game over screen to continue game play at the start of the last level played. Alternatively, hold Right and press Start to continue game play.
Island select:
Allow the game to reach the title screen, then reset the NES
console.  Then, press Right, Left, Right, Left, A, B, A, B when the title screen appears again.
View next Boss:
Kill the first Boss and pause game play as he leaves the screen.
1000 point bonus:
Locate the red flower in level 1-4. Shoot the coyote that attacks from behind twice while jumping to display a power-up in the form of a Nintendo controller. Get the controller to collect 1000 points.
Adventure Island 2
Level select:
Wait until Higgins is hit by the coconut on the title screen. Then, press Right, Left, Right, Left, A, B, A, B.
Continue game play:
Locate the fifth skull in the first cave on the first island.  Walk past the skull, them up and down to discover a hidden room.   Collect the Hudson bee logo from this room.  Hold Left and press Start at the game over screen to continue game play with all prior items at the last level played.
Adventure Island 3
Level select:
Press Down, Up, Left, Right, B, A, B, A at the title screen.

Continue game play:
Locate the fifth cave on the first island. Keep jumping just past the fifth skill to find a secret room.  Collect the Hudson bee logo that is in this room. Hold Left and press Start at the game over screen to continue game play from the last level played with all items.
Adventure of Link
Start at second world:
Enter ZELDA as a name to begin at the second world.
Quick experience points:
Complete the first quest, then go to one of the palaces during the second quest. After he has placed the crystal in the statue, his experience points will quickly increase. While this is occurring, press Up + A on controller two. Select the save option and then resume game play with a new character. This new character will also gain experience points quickly.
The Final Guardian:
Go to the left side of the screen and rapidly tap B when fighting your shadow character.
Adventures of Dino-Riki
Continue game play:
Hold Right and press Start at the title screen. Alternatively, press Up + Start at the game over screen.
The Adventures of Lolo
Level   Password 
1-5     BHBP 
2-1     BJBM 
2-5     BPBH 
3-1     BQBG 
3-2     BRBD 
3-5     BYZZ 
4-1     BZZY 
4-4     CDZR 
4-5     CGZO 
5-1     CHZP 
5-5     CMZJ 
6-1     CPZH 
6-3     CRZD 
6-5     CVZB 
7-1     CYYZ 
7-4     DCYT 
7-5     DDYR 
8-1     DGYQ 
8-5     DLYK 
9-1     DMYJ 
9-2     DPYH 
9-5     DTYC 
10-1    DVYB 
10-2    DYVZ 
10-3    DZVY 
10-5    GCVT 
The Adventures of Lolo 2
Bonus expert levels:
Enter PROA, PROB, PROC, or PROD as a password.
Level   Password 
1-1     PPHP 
1-2     PHPK 
1-3     PQPD 
1-4     PVPT 
1-5     PRPJ 
2-1     PBPM 
2-2     PLPY 
2-3     PCPZ 
2-4     PGPG 
2-5     PZPC 
3-1     PYPL 
3-2     PMPB 
3-3     PJPR 
3-4     PTPV 
3-5     PDPQ 
4-1     PKPH 
4-2     HPPP 
4-3     HHKK 
4-4     HQKD 
4-5     HVKT 
5-1     HRKJ 
5-2     HBKM 
5-3     HLKY 
5-4     HCKZ 
5-5     HGHG 
6-1     HZKC 
6-2     HYKL 
6-3     HMKB 
6-4     HJKR 
6-5     HTKV 
7-1     HDKQ 
7-2     HKKH 
7-3     QPKP 
7-4     QHDK 
7-5     QQDD 
8-1     QVDT 
8-2     QRDJ 
8-3     QBDM 
8-4     QLDY 
8-5     QCDZ 
9-1     QGDG 
9-2     QZDC 
9-3     QYDL 
9-4     QMBD 
9-5     QJDR 
10-1    QTDV 
10-2    QDDQ 
10-3    QKDH 
10-4    VPDP 
10-5    VHTK 
The Adventures of Lolo 3
Easy start:
Enter 2222 2222 2222 2222 as a password.  Complete the first two levels and collect the egg and the key.  Then, go to level 3 and build the rainbow bridge. Note: Game play will not continue past level 8.
Level   Character    Password
4-7     Lolo         6B5R TQ[Heart]6 C236 [Heart]VWH 
4-7     Lala         MMDY WQH4 B2C9 [Heart]B[Triangle]H 
4-7     Bosses       JY8H JPLG 893Q C[Heart]2L 
9-12    Lolo         V4Y[Diamond] 23G[Triangle] 5J[Diamond]+ JNDN 
9-12    Lala         JWB+ L[Triangle]FF PB[Triangle]V 326B 
9-12    Bosses       TTHR MR7H [Diamond]V3[Triangle] L493 
14      Lolo         ZGNY PTR5 +QTZ 3Q5V 
14      Lala         Y2+V WGDN J+GG NSZ6 
16      Lolo         QKKH SQ53 6DP[Diamond] NJ+6 
16      Lala         W8S[Heart] 4M4[Heart] GVRZ WM42 
17      Lolo         96HW 56R8 [Heart]B[Triangle]B 93G5 
17      Lala         D49[Triangle] DKQ[Heart] Q[Triangle]QP T56V 
King                 4R4N SPDD F[Heart]L4 5BTJ 
Adventures of Rad Gravity
Planet Telos:
Enter 1$2N0K!C5530FWMX7$NS as a password.
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle
Level skip:
Press B, A(2), Start, A, B(2), A on controller two as soon as game play begins.  Then press B on controller two during game play to jump to the next level.  Note: Your character can not jump after this code has been enabled.
After Burner
Reverse mode:
Hold A + B on controller two and press Start on controller one.
Sound test:
Press A + B + Select at the game over screen.
Air Fortress
Quest   Level   Password
1       2       I8TA
1       3       KA9I
1       4       6KAI
1       5       8NYU
1       6       2APP
1       7       OS85
1       8       SUGA
2       2       11NA
2       3       5AJI
2       4       TOBI
2       5       NDA4
2       6       MA1K
2       7       DOMO
2       8       7NDE
Alien Asylum
Level select:
Hold Up/Left and press A + B + Select at the title screen.  Use Up or Down to select a level and press Start to begin game play.
Alien Syndrome
Borrowed life:
Start a two player game.  Press A + B after running out of lives to borrow one life from the other player.
Double weapon:
Start a two player game.  Have both players collect a weapon simultaneously.  The weapon will be usable by both players.
All Pro Basketball
Championship passwords:
Enter BEOLEHPPHRMR to start at the beginning of the championships as the LA Breakers with an undefeated record. Enter NFJNKMMJMJFQ to start halfway in the championships as the Seattle Sonics with an undefeated record.
Level select, continue game play:
Start game play and reach level 4.  A level select and continue option will now be enabled.  Note: This option will disappear if you select to play levels 1 through 3 and lose before returning to level 4.
Defeating the Elephant Man:
An Elephant Man will attack your character in level 2-1.  Jump on the branch that is on the left end of the screen.  Move as far to the left as possible on the branch to force Elephant Man to disappear from the screen.
American Gladiators
Level   Password 
2       ABAAAABB 
3       ABAABAAA 
4       ABABBBBB 
Level select:
Hold Start + A + B at the title screen.  Release the buttons when the desired level is displayed. Alternatively, hold A + Select at the title screen.
Level skip:
Hold A + Start to jump to the next level.
255 lives:
Enter NYOPUGLE as a password.
Continue game play:
Allow the title screen to reappear after game play ends. Hold A + B and press Select(5), Start to resume game play at the last level played with a score of zero.
Level     Password 
2         ZAOONFPA 
3         LAOONFPA 
4         GAOONFPA 
5         IAOONFPA 
6         TAOONFPA 
7         YAOONFPA 
8         AAOONFPE 
9         PAOONFPE 
10        ZAOONFPE 
11        LAOONFPE 
12        GAOONFPE 
13        IAOONFPE 
14        TAOONFPE 
15        YAOONFPE 
16        APOONFPA 
17        PPOONFPA 
18        ZPOONFPA 
19        LPOONFPA 
20        GPOONFPA 
21        IPOONFPA 
22        TPOONFPA 
23        YPOONFPA 
24        APOONFPE 
25        PPOONFPE 
26        ZPOONFPE 
27        LPOONFPE 
28        GPOONFPE 
29        IPOONFPE 
30        TPOONFPE 
31        YPOONFPE 
32        AZOONFPA 
33        PZOONFPA 
34        ZZOONFPA 
35        LZOONFPA 
End       GZOONFPA 
Arkista's Ring
Display status:
Press Select between levels to view the a status screen.
Level select:
Press Up, Down, Left, Right, B(4), Start at the title screen.
Press Up(4), Down, Left, Right, Up, Start at the title screen.
Continue game play:
Press A, B, Select, Start at the game over screen.
Solving the level 5 maze:
Only enter the doors that are guarded by skeletons.
Bonus items:
Locate the large white and red mushroom in the first level.  Crouch on top of the mushroom to collect the Fire Sword, Dragon Helmet, and Lion's Shield.

Baby Boomer
Bonus lives:
Locate and repeatedly shoot the following objects in each level to collect extra lives.
Level   Item 
1       Fire hydrant 
2       Tall thin tombstone 
4       Stalactite over the bridge 
6       Torch
Back To The Future
Bonus points:
Jump and freeze at the end of each level. More points will be awarded for higher jumps.
Back To The Future Part II & III
Start at 1875 (Part 3):
Hold A + B at the title screen to display the password menu.  Enter FLUXCAPACITORISTHEPOWER as a password and press Select, Start.
Bad Dudes
Sixty four lives:
Press B, A, Up, Down, Up, Down on controller two at the title screen. Then, press Start on controller one to begin game play. Alternatively, press B, A, Down, Up on controller two at the title screen.
Sixty three lives:
Press B, A, Down, Up, Down, Up on controller two at the title screen.  Then press Start on controller one.
Super punch:
Hold A until your character begins to flash. Release the button to execute a super punch.
Bad News Baseball
Final game:
Enter 4yt49?ahwSGUh[Heart]@Y: as a password.
Play as Girls team:
Hold Down/Left on controller one and Up on controller two, then press Reset. A heart will appear to confirm correct code entry.
Team           Score   Password
Atlanta         6-0    7X349k*b wC8MKDhq 
Boston          5-1    hQ33fK/b wCFZCmTI 
Chicago         7-0    h234fI/b wCFZMCM[Heart] 
Detroit        10-0    EQ3ePL/b wCFZE#!n 
Los Angeles     9-3    UT3eXb[Heart]b wCFZIyjr 
Montreal       13-2    Uy74WS9M wCFZQH#n 
Oakland        12-0    Ey*BI?JZ fAFZSKj[Star] 
San Francisco   9-0    7R3R8K/b wCFZ9y?k 
St. Louis       6-0    7y3B7J6b wCFZatPJ 
Texas           3-0    hyt4f3*8 7BFZULAt 

You darn kids!