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Spiderman, Spiderman...

Enter these on the cheat enter menu accesed from Specials.
ARACHNID - Unlocks all levels, all movies, and all production art.
CAPTAINSTACEY - Play as a helicopter pilot.
DODGETHIS - When fighting, the game will randomly slow down, to do a "slo-mo" fighting effect.
FREAKOUT - Play as futuristic cyberman.
GIRLNEXTDOOR - Play as Mary Jane.
GOESTOYOURHEAD - Spider-Man will have a big head and feet.
HEADEXPLODY - Unlocks Pinhead Bowling.
HERMANSCHULTZ - Play as Shocker.
IMIARMAS - Unlocks all levels.
JOELPEANUTS - Enemies have big heads.
KNUCKLES - Play as a generic thug.
KOALA - Unlocks all combos.
ORGANICWEBBING - Unlimited Web Fluid.
REALHERO - Play as a security guard.
ROMITAS - Enables "Next Level" option on the in-game menu. Select this to skip levels.
SERUM - Play as a scientist.
SPIDERBYTE - Play as tiny Spider-Man.
STICKYRICE - Play as Uncle Ben's Killer.
THUGSRUS - Play as one of Shocker's thugs.
UNDERTHEMASK - Play from a first person perspective, from Spider-Man's point of view.
Secret Movies
20,000- Vulture secret movie
30,000 Points- Shocker Secret Movie
Secret Costumes
Peter Parker: Complete the game on at least Easy difficulty.
Wrestler Spider-Man: Complete the game on at least Easy difficulty.
Alex Ross' Spider-Man: Complete the game on at least Normal difficulty.
Green Goblin Complete the game on at least Hero difficulty.

...does whatever a spider can...