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Simpsons: Road Rage
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"Just think how much faster we could go if I had my siren..."
-Police Chief Wiggum

Cheat Codes:
For these code you must enter them while at the options screen
and holding in the L and R buttons. A sound will confirm correct
entry of these codes.
B, B, Y, X -- Drive a small red box with no driver
B, B, Y, Y -- Drive as Smithers in Burns' Car
B, B, Y, A -- Drive the Nuclear Bus
B, B, X, X -- Drive as Thanksgiving Marge
B, B, X, B -- Drive as Christmas Apu
B, B, X, A -- Drive as Halloween Bart
B, B, X, Y -- Drive as New Years Krusty
Start, Start, Start, Start -- Clear all previously entered codes
X, X, X, X -- 2D Characters
A, B, B, A -- Boost, Hold Y during play for a bit and release for
a fast boost
B, B, B, B -- Extra Camera Angles
A, A, A, A -- Nighttime Mode
B, B, A, A -- Debug Mode
Y, Y, Y, Y -- Extra Money
X, B, Y, A -- Make time stop

Unlock holiday characters:
Set the GameCube's date to October 31.

Marge the Pilgrim
Set the GameCube's date to November 22.

New Year's Krusty the Clown
Set the GameCube's clock to January 1.

Santa Apu
Set the GameCube's date to December 25.

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