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Bloody Roar: Primal Fury
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The Primal Fury, with a bloody roar...

How to get cronos
Beat it with Gado on Arcade mode

Unlock "the elephant"
Beat arcade mode once with anybody

Unlock"the phoneix" Beat arcade mode twice with anybodyUnlock "kid mode" Beat arcade mode 3 wins with anybody Characters and Cheats
Beat the game in arcade mode with everyone to get these cheats,
characters, and stages.

Kids mode:
Big arms- makes your player look buff.
Kids- makes players have small bodies and normal size heads (they
ook like kids).
Big heads-  makes player have a huge head.

Change game speed:
Low speed- slows down gameplay
High speed- faster gameplay

Change boundries:
No Walls- there are no walls in the level
Final Round- Only break walls in final round
Weak walls-  All walls weakened

No blocking:
On- Opponent can't block

Max Difficulty:
On- Opponent is at hardest fighting level

One Form Only:
Human Mode- You can't change into beast, you have to stay in human mode
Beast Mode- You are only a beast, can't change to hyper beast or human.
Hyper Beast Mode- You are only in hyper beast mode, can't change into
human or normal beast.

Knock Down Battle Mode:
On- Knock not opponent in first attack.

How to unlock Kohryu[Iron Mole]
To get Kohryu Play up to level 5 and fight Kohryu. If you beat him you
will unlock him[You cannot use a continue]. it can be on any difficulty.

Change Costumes
On the character selection screen press the Y button to change the
characters costume color.

Unlock Uranus The Chimera
Complete survival mode. NOTE: You Only Have To Complete up to level 16.
Once you have beaten that level you can be defeated.

Beat Game Cheats
Beat the game the number of wins indicated in arcade mode to get the
1 win Ganesha the Elephant, Indian Palace & Movie Player Option
2 wins Cronos the Phoenix, Evil Laboratory & Com Battle Option
3 wins Get Cheat Menu + uranus
4 wins Get Kid Mode Option
5 wins Get Super Buff Option
6 wins Get Eliminate All Walls Option
7 wins Get Weaken All Walls Option
8 wins Get Break Walls Option
9 wins Get Low Speed Option
10 wins High Speed Option
11 wins No Blocking Mode Option
12 wins Max Difficulty Option
13 wins Knock Down Battle Mode Option
14 wins Human Mode option
15 wins Beast Mode option
16 wins Kohryu the Iron Mole & Hyper Mode option

Ouch!  That's gonna leave a mark...