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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Kafei/Anju Trading Sequence
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By me Juno.

This walkthrough will guide you through the extensive trading sequence between Kafei the lost person, and his girlfriend Anju, the innkeeper of the Stockpot Inn. By completing this quest, you get the Postman's hat, Couple's Mask, Kafei's Mask, an empty bottle, Keaton's Mask, and a Heart Piece. So lets get started.

Before we start, you will NEED:

*Access to Ikana Canyon, (preferably quick access)

*the Stone mask

*The Song of Soaring

*Song of Soaring shortcut to Clocktown

*Romani's Mask


Day 1

*At 10:00AM enter the mayor's residence and go to the door to the right and talk to the woman there.  She'll give you the Kafei's mask and ask you to find her son.

*Between 2:00 and 7:00 PM

Talk to Anju with the Kafei's mask on. She will ask to meet you later in the kitchen.

NOTE: Talk to Anju as human link after 2:00PM but before the big goron guy does. She will mistake you for him and give you a room.


Meet Anju in the kitchen of the Stockpot Inn. After you get her letter, put in the nearest mailbox. Mailboxes are the orange pointy things that Tatl turns green over. Unless you got stuff to do, warp to Dawn of Day 2.


DO NOT help the old lady in North Clock town from the theif Sakon. This will disrupt the trading sequence at a critical time. Also, if you are up for it, use the letter she gives you and give it to the hand in the bathroom to get a heart piece, this will make you redo the whole sequence.

Day 2

*Be at the laundry pool at 2:00PM and hit the bell thing. Where the little boy comes out, go there and wait there for the mailman. The mailman doesnt ring the bell until 3:00PM. When he does, the kid will come out to see what he wants. When he does, go inside and wait. The kid wont be back until 4:00PM when the postman leaves. Talk to him and say that yes, you can keep a secret. He will reveal himself to be kafei. After you finish talking to him, you get the pendant of memories.

*When you recieve the pendant of memories, from Kafei, take it to Anju at the stockpot inn ASAP. She will say that she has decided to wait for kafei.

Day 3

*At 1:00PM, go to Kafei's room. The curiosity shop guy will be inside. Talk to him and he gives you the Keaton mask and a letter that kafei wanted delivered to his mother. The keaton mask will let you get a piece of heart later.

*At 6:30 PM, be at Ikana Canyon in the eastern part where you'll pass under a small pass, a Business scrub is through there. Not far from there you will see a big boulder blocking a door, as well as a rock that Kafei is hiding behind. Go there and talk to him to learn his plan. Put on the Stone mask and wait.

*At 7:00PM Sakon will come and open his hideout. Play the inverted song of time and follow Kafei inside.

*Inside Kafei and Link must team up to get back Kafei's Sun's Mask. As link you only have to fight off enemys including Deku Babas and eventually a wolfos which will open the door for Kafei. As Kafei, you have to move blocks to find the Blue Switch which will open the door for Link to continue. DO NOT touch the Red or Yellow switches as they will accelerate the conveyor belt. In Kafei's last room hit the last Blue Switch and then as Link, hit the last switch.

*6 Hours remain. Kafei and Link will be outside. After you talk to him, Kafei runs back to Clock Town. Use the Song of Soaring to go back to Clock Town. You now can do 2 things with the Letter Kafei asked to be given to his mother.

1: Give it to the postman who will get dressed then proceed to deliver it. Follow him to the Milk Bar Latte. Put on the Romani's Mask then go inside and listen to the Mailman deliver the letter to the Mayor's Wife, who is the Mailman's boss. She will order him to flee. Go outside the milkbar and wait for the Mailman who will prance along to the Eastern gate. Talk to him to get the Postman's Hat. This will get you a piece of heart the first time you use it on a mailbox.

2:Deliver the Letter to the Mayor's Wife who is in the Milk Bar after 11:00PM to get a bottle with Chateu Romani.

*After doing either 1 or 2, go to the Stockpot Inn and enter the 2nd floor room that reads "Employees only, no admittance". Go inside to find Anju waiting for Kafei. Wait there with her until only 1:12:00 hours remain when Kafei will enter. (You'll hear doors opening downstairs at around 1:30:00 hours remain) Watch the cutscene in which Anju and Kafei combine their masks to create the Couple's Mask. Which they give to Link, their witness. Talk to them and they will say that "they will stay and face the morning together".

*If you are up for it, Play the Inverted Song of time and race to West Clock town to the bank and deposit any rupees you might have earned then HURRY and play the Song of Time to save.

Day 1

*When you start up again, use the postman's hat on any nearby mailbox (it doesnt matter which one) to get a piece of heart. At 10:00AM, enter the Mayor's Residence then enter the left room where Mutoh, the Mayor, and Captain Viscen are arguing on whether or not to issue an evacuation order. Put on the Couple's Mask to end the arguement and recieve a piece of heart from the mayor. You can do this at anytime the mayor's office is open and the meeting is in progress. Now you can use the Keaton mask on any of the "moving bushes" to see a real Keaton. You have to put the mask on before slashing any of the bushes, then keep it on and keaton will appear to you. Answer it's five questions and get a heart piece.

Good work! You've just completed one of THE, biggest quests in Zelda: Majora's Mask

But I can't celebrate, i've still got tons of work to do. "Until the moon threatens Clock Town once more......"

"Things that get stolen in this town eventually make their way to the Curiosity Shop, i'll be waiting for when that happens."