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The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask / Complete Mask Walkthrough
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This walkthrough will guide you through to obtain all the masks in the game.

This Walkthrough will take you through and reveal how to obtain all the masks in Zelda: Majora's Mask. I will have the boss battle and "Kafei Anju Trading Sequence for you next month.

Deku Mask

Inside of the Clock Tower in South Clock Town, this mask is given to you by the Happy Mask Dealer after the mini-fight with the Skull Kid.

Great Fairy Mask

After returning to human Link, return to the Great Fairies Fountain in North Clock Town witht the lost fairy to recieve this mask.

Blast Mask

Go to North Clock Town at Night before 12 AM at night. You MUST be there before 12 PM to get the mask. Be there at like 11 PM. Stay by the entrance and the old lady will enter at 12 PM. At around 12:30 AM a running guy will come out and take her bag. Use your sword on him and he will drop the bag. When he does, he will run off. Talk to the old lady to recieve the Blast Mask which has the same effect as bombs, but will hurt you when you use it.

Bremen Mask

Go to the laundry pool at around 12 AM on any day but the Final. Talk to the music box man as human Link and he will give you the Bremen Mask.

Kafei's Mask

Go into the Mayor's residence at around 10 AM and enter the room to the right and talk to the lady inside. She will recognize you only as human Link. She will talk to you about a detective and finding her son. Say "Yes" and recieve the Kafei's Mask. The use for this mask is to obtain the Couple's Mask, Postman's Hat, and an Empty Bottle. I will outline the entire "Kafei Anju trading sequence" next month.

Bunny Hood

Go to the Chicken pen on the Final Day and talk to the guy by the tree. Use the Bremen Mask to get all the little baby Chickens to follow you. Once you get all of them to follow you, they will mature into Adult Chickens, the guy will then give you the Bunny Hood, which will increase your running and jumping to 1.5 Link's normal capacity. This mask is EXTREMELY useful to get around fast when you can't ride Epona.

Odolwa's Remains

Defeat the boss in the Woodfall temple to recieve this mask.

Mask of Scents

After Clearing the Woodfall temple and returning the Deku Princess, exit the palace. Reenter and go to the Left Entrance outside the walls. Inside will be the Deku Butler guy, keep up with him in the race he has with you to recieve the Mask of Scents.

Kamaro's Mask

Go to the North area of Termina Field at around 12 AM and look for a ghost guy dancing on one of the pillars. Talk to him then play the song of healing to recieve his mask, which you use on the dancing girls in West Clock town to get a piece of heart.

Goron Mask

After obtaining the Lens of Truth in Goron Village, go back to the Goron Shrine on top of the frozen waterfall in the Mountain Village. With the lens you can actually climb the ladder. Use the lens and talk to the Goron Ghost then play the Song of Healing to get this mask.

Goht's Remains

Defeat the Boss of Snowhead temple.

Don Gero's Mask

Go back to the interior area of Goron Village where the crying Goron is. Use a Deku Stick and the Bunny hood to light all the sticks there to start the spinning chandeleer up on the ceiling. Go back to the red carpet and use the Goron Mask to roll up the small ramp there and break all the pot things attached to the ceiling. When they are all smashed, the rock thing on a bone comes out. Pick it up and carefully walk it back to the Goron on the waterfall in the Village, he is the one who asked for food, throw it up to him and he will eat the Rock Sirloin, then he gives you the Don Gero's Mask and leaves.

Stone Mask

When you have Epona, go up Ikana Canyon and go to the area where the Red Eyed guy tells you to "wear the mask that summons the unseen". Around there should be a circle of stones, use the lens of truth to see a soldier there, talk to him and give him a red potion to get the Stone Mask. This mask is needed in a section of the "Kafei Anju trading sequence".

Zora's Mask

Go to Great Bay when you have Epona, go to the Zora out in the water and drag him to shore, talk to him then play the Song of Healing to get the Zora Mask.

Gyorg's Remains

Defeat the Boss in the Great Bay Temple.

All-Night Mask

On the Final Day, go to the curiostity shop and buy this mask for 500 Rupees, I will outline how to get the Giants Wallet so you can carry that many rupees next month.

Keaton's Mask

At a certain point of the "Anju Kafei Trading Sequence", go to Kafei's place on the Final Day and the Curiostiy Shop guy will be inside, talk to him to get the Keaton's Mask. Use this on a moving bush like in North Clock town, answer Keaton's Questions to get a piece of heart.

Postman's Hat

After you get the Keaton's Mask, take Kafei's letter to his mother to the Postman in the Post office in West Clock town at night, he will look at it, and then immediately change and leave to deliver it. Follow him to the Milk Bar in East Clock town, follow him inside and listen to him chat with the Mayor's Wife, when he leaves the Milk Bar he will wait by the Clock Town Exit for a minute, talk to him and he gives you the Postman's Hat and then leaves.

Garo's Mask

Beat the Gorman Brothers in a Horse Race by Milk Road to recieve the Mask.

Romani's Mask

After Helping Romani with "them", be at the Ranch at 6 PM on Day 2 and get a ride from Cremia, Romani's Sister. Protect the carrige from the Gorman's with your bow until you make it out of the Gorman Track. She will drop you off outside East Clock town and give you the Romani's Mask, which lets you enter the Milk Bar.

Mask Of Truth

Find all 30 Skutulla's in the Swamp Skutulla house to get this mask.

Captain's Hat

Go to the graveyard in Ikana and wake up the skeleton with the Sonata of Awakening using the Deku Scrub, then get your bow out and get ready to fight him and his henchmen, beat enough of them to fight him, use your Z Targeting and Bow to defeat him, once he is defeated, he will explain things then take his leave. Use the Hookshot or Bunny Hood to get across the divide to get to the Treasure Chest to get the Captain's Hat.

Gibdo's Mask

After you play the song of storms in the cave in Ikana Canyon to refill the river, enter the house when the girl leaves, use the Stone Mask to not be seen then enter. Go to the basement and when the mummy guy comes out, play the song of healing to recieve the Gibdo's Mask, this is essential to complete all the Ikana Canyon stuff.

Circus Leader's Mask

Once you have all 3 Transformation masks (Zora, Goron, Deku), enter the Milk bar on the First day and tell the Zora you will help him. Talk to him in each form, when all the songs are recorded, you will hear the Complete "Ballad of the Wind Fish", being moved by this, the Gorman guy will give you the mask.

Couple's Mask

Complete the "Kafei Anju Trading sequence to get this mask"

Giant's Mask

Defeat the Eyegore in the Upside down Stone Tower Temple before the boss to get his mask.

Twinmold's Remains

Defeat the boss in the Stone Tower Temple

Fierce Deity Mask

Recieve this mask after obtaining every other mask in the game. You'll have to track it down yourself though.

"What's with that stupid horse of yours?"
-Skull Kid