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Here's the spot for people who use their computers to play games on.


Command and Conquer: Red alert
Free Men:
Build a missile silo. When the missile is ready, sell the silo and
immeidately launch the missile. If you were quick enough, the sale will have stopped and some troops will come out of the silo.
Long Range Grenadiers:
In multiplayer or the regular game, play as the soviets. Next,
build a grenadier and have him force fire on the ground around him.  Right before he throws it, click anywhere on the map and the grenade will SAIL over to that point. 
Soviet Tip:
When playing as the Soviets, build a Tech. Center. After you build it, sell it.  All the special characters you get from the Tech.
Center will still be available, and you get back all that wasted
energy you used on the Tech Center.  You can now build more Tesla Coils to protect your base, and still have Tanya and the Mammoth tank!
Sell Your Vehicles:
To sell your vehicles, build a service depot and place a vehicle on
it. Next put the SELL cursor on it and when it turns green press
the left mouse button. This doesn't work with V2 Rocket Launchers.
Selling Tanks and Harvesters:
If you want to sell your vehicles, like the ones you don't want or
you are out of money and need that last little bit then this is the
code for you. Here is what you do: build a Repair Facility and drive a tank or vehicle onto it and while it is on the very edge push the sell button on it and it will sell. (The sell icon will be
green if you catch it at the right time.) My suggestion is to have
the sell button ready.
Soviet Playing Tip:
When playing as the Soviets, when you have a Iron Curtain and a
Missle Silo, send a tank into the enemy base. When he is attacked,use the Iron Curtain on him. When lots of enemys come around him,
launch the atom bomb.
View Credits:
To view the ending credits, click on the Westwood logo on the title screen.
Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun
Infinite Firestorm Wall:
If you have a firestorm wall and it is fully charged, you can make it last forever without having to turn it off to charge. First charge your wall fully, then turn it on. Before it turns off or runs out of power sell or turn off your power plants until the words "On Hold" appear in the firestorm Icon. Your wall will stay on forever and will not run out of power until you build or turn on your power plants. 
Deer Hunter 2
Cheat mode:
Press [F2], enter one of following codes in the window that appears,
then press [F2] again to accept the entry. Note: Any deer that are
killed while the codes are enabled will be marked "Cheated!" in the
trophy room.
View deer on map and GPS.         dh2tracker 
Close-up on deer                          dh2shoot 
Camera follows arrow or bullet   dh2deadeye 
Irresistible to deer                        dh2honey 
Attached to a deer                        dh2circle 
Rainy weather                             dh2rain 
Snowy weather                           dh2snow 
Thunder                                      dh2thunder  
Lightning                                     dh2light 
Weather cycles quicker               dh2blizzard 
View through fox's eyes             camera set fox 
View through deer's eyes            camera set deer 
View through crow's eyes            camera set crow 
View through hunter's eyes                camera set player 
Sights in weapon without target range     dh2sightin 
Flight mode                               dh2wright 
Animals never afraid                 dh2doolittle 
Hunter runs faster                     dh2flash 
Hunter runs very fast                dh2supaflash 
Giant deer                                  dh2deerzilla 
Player walks only toward deer      dh2sidewind 
Camera follows bullets                  dh2bulletcam 
Show animals on map                    dh2supatracker 
Extra blood when the deer is hit          dh2friday13 
Reduces weapon wobbling                   dh2swig 
Slow bullets                                        dh2baddream 
Bullet travels straight with camera       dh2magicbullet 
Hunter never gets out of breath           dh2shoedeal 
Stop rain or snow                              dh2weatherstop 
Show weapon's sight status                dh2showsights 
Walk around in the target range           dh2caddyshack
Never reload                                        dh2bandolier
Duke Nukem
All weapons, full power, all keys:
Press [Backspace] + [Page Down].
Duke Nukem 2
Full health:
Press E + A + T. Note: The score will reset to zero after this code is enabled.
Random weapons and items for current level:
Press N + U + K. Alternatively, press D + U + K + M.
Display message:
Press G + O + D.
Duke Nukem 3D
DNGODLY:                -->  GOD MODE ON
DNUNGODLY:              -->  GOD MODE OFF
DNCORNHOLIO:            -->  God mode (toggles)
DNKROZ:                 -->  God mode (toggles)
DNAMMO:                 -->  all ammo full
DNWEAPONS:              -->  all available weapons
DNUNLOCK:               -->  unlocks all doors
DNITEMS:                -->  keys... items...etc.
DNSTUFF:                -->  keys, weapons, ammo
DNRATE:                 -->  shows rate
DNCLIP:                 -->  walk-through-walls
DNHYPER:                -->  steroids!
DNENDING:               -->  ends the episode
DNVIEW:                 -->  Follow mode, watch duke
DNCASHMAN:              -->  Duke throws out cash
DNMONSTERS:             -->  Remove all monsters!
DNWARP[epis][level]:    -->  jump episodes & levels
DNSCOTTY[epis][level]:  -->  jump episodes & levels
DNSKILL[skill 1-5]:     -->  Start level with skill#
Duke Nukem 3D:Atomic Edition
Enable God mode:
Type dngodly.
Disable God mode:
Type dnungodly.
Toggle God mode:
Type dncornholio or dnkroz.
Episode and level select:
Type dnwarp(episode number)(level number) or dnscotty(episode number)(level number) to
begin game play at the corresponding episode and level.
Episode skip:
Type dnending to end the current episode.
Restart level at new skill level:
Type dnskill (skill level 1-5) to restart the current level at the corresponding skill
All weapons:
Type dnweapons.
Full ammunition:
Type dnammo.
Enable "follow" mode:
Type dnview, then press [F7] to view Duke from a few feet behind his position.
Unlock door:
Type dnunlock.
Keys and items:
Type dnitems.
Keys, weapons and ammunition:
Type dnstuff.
Display frame rate:
Type dnrate to display the current frame rate in the top left corner of the screen.
Disable collision detection:
Type dnclip. Duke may now walk through walls. Note: Enabling this code may crash the
Steroid mode:
Type dnhyper.
Type dncashman, then press [Space] for additional money.
Hidden message:
Hold [Shift] and type F*.
Grand Theft Auto
Bomb Shop:
When you start out on a level steal a car, but don't pick a big one or
else the trick will be harder. Then keep  searching  for a garage door
kinda thing that has an  X  coming out from it.  Enter  that place and
your car will be rigged or in  other  words bombed.  Then stop the car
somewhere and press the  FIRE button your car will be armed so get out
of it within about  five seconds  or you will  BLOW  up! This trick is
useful for jobs, killing and collecting money.
Note: You MUST have at least $5,000 dollors or you will not be able to
get your car rigged.
Cheat Codes:
To use these cheats go to the character select screen and press DELETE
or BACKSPACE, enter the desired code, then press ENTER.
Code:          Effect:
6031769         Unlimited life
itgallus        All levels and cities
nineinarow      All levels and cities
super well      All levels and cities
itsgallus       All levels all cities
iamthelaw       No police presence
stevesmates     No police presence
itcouldbeyou    999,999,999 points
suckmyrocket    All weapons, armor, and jail key
itstantrum      Unlimited lives
hate machine    10x multiplier bonus
% machine       10x multiplier bonus
buckfast        Press * on the numberpad for all weapons
porkcharsui     Game diagnostics
Easy Tank:
On the first city, access the second  scene(Heist All Mighty.) When
you start, run somebody over and wait for the ambulance to arrive.
When it does, nick it and drive to the army base, drive in and you can
nick the tank.
Note: This only works with an ambulance or a police car.
Gang Leader:
Go up to a group of Gurangas, or the groups of people making noise and
running around following each other. Now, don't  shoot  them, but
instead beat up the  person  in the front. If you beat him up enough,
they will start following you almost anywhere. It's a good way to get
a guranga with a  machine  gun, flame  thrower, or other  high powered
weapon of death.
Train Hijacking:
At any train station, enter the train and press CTRL to gain control
of that train.
Walk in the Sewer:
From the starting location, in Liberty City, go north on the starting
road  past  the park, all the way until you get to the Beast, then go
north on that road, around the bend until you get to the next major
3-way intersection. Take an  immediate left on that major road. Go
over the bridge & take a right on the road, heading north, immediately
after it. Go past the Hospital and Police station, then take a left on
that major road. Follow it road until you get to a 3-way intersection
with a 6-lane road. It is the first sewer on  YOUR  right. Get out of
your car and step on the curb next to the sewer, you should fall
BEWARE: Once you fall in, you can't get out.  Drive your car on it for
a nasty surprise.
Mega Man X
All weapons and tanks, no sub-Bosses:
Type xstuff when game play begins. 
Mega ManX3
Zero's beam sabre:
Enter 1454 3535 6162 7162 as a password.
 Cheat mode:
Press [F1] during game play to display the console, then type racoiaws
to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes to
activate the corresponding cheat function.
Effect                              Code
God mode                                         set god
Reset abilities                                   cheat ability 
Advance to indicated waypoint       cheat goto (waypoint name)
Advance to indicated coordinates     cheat goto (x y)
Full health                                         cheat health 
Full mana                                          cheat mana 
Advance to indicated level                cheat level (number)
Set all spells to indicated level          cheat spells 
Add indicated amount of gold           cheat gold (number)
Display cheat list                              help cheat 
Outworld Abe's oddesey
Cheat mode:
Hold [Shift] and press the following cursor keys at the main menu to
activate the corresponding cheat function.
View FMV sequences- Up, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Down
Level select- Down, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Up
Outworld 2 Abe's Exodus
Cheat mode:
Hold [Shift] and press the following cursor keys at the indicated screen
to activate the corresponding cheat function.
Level skip:  Enter on  the Main menu- Down, Right], Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Up 
Next path:  Enter during Game play- Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right
Next FMV sequence:  Enter on the Main menu- Up, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Down
Pause the game and type then FUND to get $10,000
Simcity 2000
The following cheats work on All Systems:
CASS- gives you $250,000 (or a firestorm)
FUND- gives you $10,000
JOKE- tells you a (kind of) funny joke.
The following cheat works on Windows 95 Only:
IMACHEAT- gives you $500,000 and all rewards.
PRISCILLA-a debug menu.
The following cheats work on Windows 3.1 Only.
OIVAIZMIR- goes into debug mode
GOMORRAH- watch out, it's a nuclear meltdown
BUDDAMUS- gives you $500,000 and all rewards
GILMARTIN- gives you a military base
NOAH- starts a flood
MOSOS- stops the flood
MRSOLEARY- starts a fire
The following cheats work on the Macintosh Only:
PORNTIPSGUZZARDO- gives you $money$
ARDO- gives you $500,000
VERS- reports version number
Simcity 3000
To open up a cheat window where you can type in the cheats, hold down
CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+C. After entering a cheat, type [Enter] to activate it.
i am weak- All buildings, roads, zones, and terrain altering free.
call cousin vinnie- A petitioner shows up offering a fundraising
event. Accepting the deal gives you some cash, while refusing allows
you to get a better reward...
zyxwvu- After refusing vinnie's offer (see above), you can use
this cheat to gain a special castle, available in the rewards &
opportunities button. This castle raises land value and aura, and does
all kinds of cool things for your city.
garbage in, garbage out- All garbage buildings available.
power to the masses- All power buildings available.
water in the desert- All water buildings available.
salt on- Changes the sea to salt water.
salt off - Changes the sea to fresh water.
terrain one up- Raises the terrain.
terrain one down- Lowers the terrain.
terrain ten up- Raises the terrain.
terrain ten down- Lowers the terrain.
pay tribute to your king- All rewards available.
i love red tape- All ordinances available.
let's make a deal- Neighbor/Business Deal(s) offered.
nerdz rool- Only high tech (clean) industry grows.

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