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Star Wars Rouge Squadron 2: Rouge Leader
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Star Wars Rouge Leader: Rouge Squadron II Walkthrough

Star Wars Rouge Squadron 2:Rouge Leader
Secret Levels
There are 3 secret levels that can be accesed and unlocked after completing the original 10 missions. To unlock these levels they must be bought instead of being unlocked.
The first one is the Death Star escape, this can be accesed by pushing up on the Death Star Attack mission. In this mission you blast away TIE fighters as the Millenium Falcon escapes the Death Star in one of the Falcon's quad gun turrets, you must use 20 points to unlock this level, points are gained by earning medals.
The second level is The Asteroid field, in this level the Falcon is escaping a fleet of Imperial Star Destroyers after the battle of Hoth, this level costs you 30 points and is accesed by pushing up on the Battle of Hoth mission in the mission select screen.
The last secret level is the Triumph of the Empire, in this level you relive the Battle of Yavin as Darth Vader, fighting for the empire, this begins as you destroy a few rebel X-wings and Y-wings and then goes to the trench and the exaust port as you must defend it from rebel craft and shoot down any rebel ships that enter the trench. This level costs you 30 points and is accesed from the Strike at the core mission.
Enable Ace Mode:
To enable Ace Mode, you must get Gold Medals in all missions, including Endurance.
How to play missions in night or day:
The time of day (based on the internal time settings on the Nintendo GameCube) affects the Tatooine Training and Imperial Academy Heist missions. Missions played between 6am and 6pm will be day missions and missions played between 6pm and 6am will be night missions.
Find C-3PO in Tatooine Training:
Destroy Jabba's Palace in Tatooine Training to reveal the golden protocol droid.
Find the TIE Fighter in Tatooine Training:
The TIE Fighter discovery item can be found in the middle of the city. It shows up as a yellow square on your targeting computer.
Unlock the A-Wing:
Complete Mission 2: Ison Corridor Ambush to unlock the A-Wing for use in certain missions.
Unlock the Snowspeeder
Complete Mission 3: Battle of Hoth to unlock the Airspeeder for certain missions.
Unlock the Y-Wing
Complete Mission 4: Prisons of the Maw to unlock the Y-Wing for certain missions.
Unlock the B-Wing
Complete Mission 5: Razor Rendezvous to unlock the B-Wing for certain missions.
Command the Cloud Car
In Raid on Bespin, you can switch to the Cloud Car by flying into the spinning Rebel Icon. The Cloud Car is almost as fast as the A-Wing and it has better brakes.
Craft Upgrades
Advanced Proton Torpedoes:
Find these in Mission 2: Ison Corridor Ambush.
Advanced Homing Proton Torpedoes:
Find this upgrade in Mission 6: Vengeance on Kothlis.
Advanced Concussion Missiles:
Find this upgrade in Mission 7: Imperial Academy Heist.
Advanced Homing Concussion Missiles:
Find this upgrade in Mission 8: Raid on Bespin.
Advanced Proton Bomb:
Find this upgrade in Mission 5: Razor Rendezvous.
Advanced Spread Proton Bombs:
Find this upgrade in Mission 7: Imperial Academy Heist.
Advanced Cluster Missiles:
Find this upgrade in Mission 4: Prisons of the Maw.
Advanced Homing Cluster Missiles:
Find this upgrade in Mission 9: Battle of Endor.
Advanced Blasters:
Find this upgrade in Mission 3: Battle of Hoth.
Advanced Targeting Computer:
Find this upgrade in Mission 10: Strike at the Core. This allows you to turn on your Targeting Computer and leave it on without holding down the Y Button. You can also command your wingmen to go after specific enemies.
Advanced Shields:
Find this upgrade in Mission 1: Death Star Attack.
Enable Audio Commentary:
You can listen to an audio commentary by the game's developers after you've gotten Bronze Medals in all missions. Turn this option on from the Special Features menu.
Unlock Slave-1:
To unlock Boba Fett's Slave-1 ship for certain missions, earn Silver Medals in all ten regular missions and two of the bonus missions.
Unlock the Millennium Falcon:
To unlock the Millenium Falcon in certain missions, you'll need to earn Bronze Medals in all ten of the standard missions.
Unlock the TIE Fighter:
Players must find both TIE fighter locations during the day and at night in the Imperial Academy Heist mission, hijack the fighter, and use it to complete the mission. To use it in the missions for Revenge on Yavin and Triumph of the Empire, you must first complete the missions with the default fighter.
Find all the hidden items in the Training Mission:
To find all of the hidden items in the Training Mission, you'll need to play it both day and night. Some items will only appear during the day, others will only appear at night.
Shield Restore:
If you are low on shields before a cutscene, try to time it so that you crash your ship just before the cutscene begins. If you do so, you will not lose a ship, however when you start the next leg of the mission you will appear with in ship with full shields.
The "Passcodes" menu, available from the Option menu, allows players to enter secret codes that allow them to access additional features. To enter a code, press Left/Right on the Control Stick to highlight a letter and press the A Button to enter it. Once all letters have been entered, highlight "Enter Code" and press the A Button.
Passcodes: Result
LIONHEAD Game plays in black and white
BLAHBLAH Enable audio commentary in the Special Features
COMPOSER Enable the music hall
THATSME! Opens the Credits in the in the Special Features
?INSIDER Opens the Documentary in the in the Special Features EXHIBIT! Opens the Art Gallery option in the in the Special Features
(The following codes are 2 parts which must be entered right after each other, so dont exit the passcode entry screen after putting one in, R2 will beep and say the first code is always wrong, but say the second is correct)
JPVI?IJC RSBFNRL- Infinite lives
!??QWTTJ CLASSIC- Unlock all missions
PYST?OOO DUCKSHOT- Unlocks the bonus level Death Star Escape
CDYXF!?Q ASEPONE!- Unlock the Naboo Fighter
MVPQIU?A OH!BUDDY- Unlock the Millenium Falcon
ZT?IRGBA DISPSBLE- Unlock the TIE fighter

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