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The Revolution Begins...
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By Mario Johnson
May 18th, 2005
(Photos courtesy of

Ok, so I was too overwhelmed to write the full article on the front page, so here goes.

Nintendo has unveiled their new console, which like the Gamecube before it, has been code named "Revolution".


One problem alot of folks had with the Gamecube, was it's lack of backward compatability with the N64.  When it comes to backward compatability, the Revolution will rewrite the book!  Using the online features of the system, you can download your favorite games from the NES, SNES, and even (GASP), the N64!  The disc drive will fit standard size CDs, and will accomodate Gamecube discs.  A small add-on which I believe comes standard, allows DVD playback.
The system itself comes with no controller ports.  Banking on their work on the Wavebird, Nintendo's new system will have wireless only controllers, which eliminates the cord tangle at parties.


As always, the console goes with Nintendo's obvious belief in size counts.  The console is the same size as three DVD Cases stacked.  It even comes with a display stand so it can go horizontal or vertical like the PS2. 
Now, remember how Nintendo always has the best multiplayer games, but none online?  Not anymore!  With the Wi-Fi, Nintendo's wireless online gaming service; an anti-Xbox live in a sense, will be a matchmaking service.  So just think!   Playing Smash Brothers online!  Wow....
So many already spent hours..............


Of course Nintendo always is modest about the finite tech specs, like memory, processors, and what not...
Besides, we get enough tech flexin from Sony and Microsoft.
Oh, Nintendo also has games out for the DS (which will be compatible with the Revolution in some way) and the Gamecube.
For instance, the new Zelda!  And a Viewtiful Joe DS.  Yeah, lets rock baby, yeah!
Im spent...
I'll see y'all next time!

"Just go for it!"
-Viewtiful Joe