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Chains of Assault (March 25th, 2005)
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Chains of Assault
By Mario Johnson
March 25th, 2005

Due to unfortunate events, we forgoed updates for February.  Don't worry, we're back on track for March and so on. 
This month I rented Starfox: Assault and picked up a copy of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the GBA. 
Now Starfox delivers a solid action game for the weekend, but in terms of game length, it's terrible.  Worse yet, your teammates have seemingly lost all piloting skill whatsoever, asking for help when you are on the ground.  The wonderful multi-track gameflow of Starfox 64 made for a different game almost everytime, not this time though.  A simple, and boring mission based game.  But each level opens and ends with nice cinematics though, pure gold on the cutscenes.  I can go on and on about it, but i'll save that for the review. 
Kingdom Hearts was an an RPG that ranks among the best, and this little sequel sets the stage for Kindgom Hearts 2.  From what i've played, it's solid and fun.  Easy and complex at the same time.  The opening FMV is amazing.  PS2 graphics on a 32-bit system.  Astounding. 
Of course, i'm playing it on my DS for bigger resolution and better sound.  Thats enough outta me for now, cya later.

"Ahead lies something you need...."
-Opening FMV