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New staff, new column, new page

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By Maron Strise
January 28th, 2005

To bring the Mayor's wish for an Anime/Movie column to a near reality, our very own Joe Chaos has arrived.  Mr. Chaos, or professionaly called, Proffessor Chaos, is a close friend of the Mayor's, and shall be bringing insight into what is new each month on DVD and the value in the said product.  Both the Nintendo and Playstation columns have submitted stories too large for the Newsline front page and thus placed in separate pages.  The city council has approved the Mayor's proposal for a page to cover the Nintendo DS, and construction has already begun.  With a new year, Game Town International seems to be entering a brighter time.  For now, that is all that is new in the city,  good bye for now!

Out with the old....
-Maron Strise